Actor Varun Dhawan fined for riding a Royal Enfield Meteor without a helmet

Kanpur Police have issued a challan to actor Varun Dhawan for riding a Royal Enfield without a helmet on the streets of Kanpur. The videos of Varun Dhawan riding a motorcycle on the streets of Uttar Pradesh soon became viral on the Internet. The actor is in the city to shoot an upcoming movie.

Kanpur DCP Traffic said that the actor was riding without a helmet so the police have issued a challan according to the laws. Reportedly, the registration plate of the motorcycle Varun was riding was also faulty and violated the guidelines. The police are currently checking the registration plate and if found faulty, they will issue another challan.

Not the first time for Varun Dhawan

Actor Varun Dhawan fined for riding a Royal Enfield Meteor without a helmet

The actor has been in news several times in the past. Maharashtra Police issued him a challan for clicking a picture with the fan in Mumbai several years ago.

The police issued a challan after a picture of Varun Dhawan clicking a picture with a fan became viral. Both were in their respective vehicles and Varun Dhawan hung out of his Audi Q7 to click a selfie. All this happened when the traffic signal was red and the cars were waiting.

Challans based on digital evidence

Most metropolitan cities now have a network of CCTV that is closely monitored by a team of police personnel. The police issue challan based on the violation by tracking the registration number. However, many online challans are wrong due to faulty number plates.

Wrong challans can be challenged through the redressal portal of the traffic police. In recent times, the government and the authorities have worked to increase the challan amount. The increase in the fines is to reduce the number of violations and to make the roads safer.

India has one of the highest road accidents in the world and one of the highest ratios of fatal accidents. Many road users lose their lives due to rash driving and not following traffic rules. The aim of the surveillance is to reduce the number of people who do dangerous manoeuvres on the roads.

The police have even started a crackdown on the vehicles that do not have rearview mirrors or do not use them. In Hyderabad, the cops have started issuing challans to the two-wheeler owners who do not have mirrors installed. The cops of other cities are expected to implement the same in the near future.

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