Actor Varun Dhawan gets into trouble with the Mumbai police: Here’s why

Varun Dhawan recently took a selfie with a thrilled female fan. The way in which the selfie was clicked has irked the Mumbai police. Varun Dhawan hung out of his Audi Q7’s front window, and took the selfie with his female fan, who was riding alongside, in an autorickshaw. This image, which went viral, was seen by the Mumbai police, who acted quite swiftly. The police department of Mumbai has publicly taken the movie star to task, firing out a tweet against the actor’s action. They also sent him an e-challan, warning him that such stunts will invite harsher action if repeated.

Obviously, hanging out of a moving car is downright dangerous, and this is probably why the Mumbai police have fined the actor. However, it’s unclear if Mr. Dhawan’s Audi Q7 luxury SUV was moving at the time when the selfie was clicked. In a parked vehicle, at say a traffic signal, Mr. Dhawan’s actions may not necessarily be as dangerous as the Mumbai police’s tweet seems to suggest.

The actor is yet to comment on the Mumbai police’s tweet. Meanwhile, trolls are having a free run. In response to the Mumbai police’s tweet, one Twitter user has posted an interesting picture, showing PM Modi hanging out of a Range Rover, at what seems to be an election rally.

Another Twitter user tweeted out a picture of Salman Khan riding a Suzuki Hayabusa with Katrina Kaif riding pillion. Both of them weren’t wearing helmets, and it’s pretty clear that the motorcycle was moving on a public road.

The Audi Q7 that Mr. Dhawan was seen hanging out of is the previous generation model, and is owned by his father – Bollywood director David Dhawan. The SUV features a 3 liter turbo diesel engine that puts out 240 Bhp-550 Nm. The 7 seat SUV is a best-seller in its class and is assembled by Audi at Skoda’s Aurangabad factory. A new generation model was launched in 2015. Prices start from Rs. 71 lakhs.