Actor Vijay drives Rolls Royce with 4 people in the back seat including actress Pooja Hegde [Video]

Actor Vijay, better known as Ilaya Thalapathy (Young Commander), is one of the most popular actors in the Tamil movie industry. The actor often makes headlines for his political views and statements. Like many other actors and actresses in the industry, Vijay also owns a variety of luxury cars, some of which have landed him in trouble. One such incident occurred a year ago when a video surfaced online showing Vijay driving his Rolls Royce with four passengers in the back seat.

The video, uploaded by Tamil 360 on their YouTube channel, has since received over 5.3 million views. It is divided into two parts, with the first part showing the actor getting out of the car while his co-passengers remain inside. As they step out, the camera shows the Rolls Royce spirit of ecstasy emblem on the bonnet. In the second part of the video, Vijay is seen actually driving the car while one of the passengers records the footage. However, there is something unusual about the scene: there are four people crammed into the back seat, despite the spaciousness of the Rolls Royce Ghost sedan. The passengers appear uncomfortable and are not wearing seat belts, which is extremely dangerous.

One of the passengers is actress Pooja Hegde, who appears to have recorded the video on her phone. It seems that the group was celebrating one of their co-stars. However, none of the passengers in the back seat are wearing seat belts, while the actor and the co-passenger sitting in the front are wearing them properly. This is a reminder of how important it is to wear seat belts, as there have been numerous examples in India and abroad of accidents where people were injured or killed because they did not use them. One of the recent incident that many people may remember is the Cyrus Mistry accident. He was sitting on the rear seat of the Mercedes-Benz SUV when the accident happened. The only reason why he lost his life in the accident was he did not wear the seat belt. They were all sitting in a well-built SUV and the car had modern safety features too. However, they failed to work for the rear passengers only because they were not wearing seat belts. Driver and the co-driver sitting on the front row of SUV had survived the accident with injuries.

Actor Vijay drives Rolls Royce with 4 people in the back seat including actress Pooja Hegde [Video]
Actor Vijay driving with 4 people on backseat

It is worth noting that Vijay’s Rolls Royce Ghost was also in the news because he failed to pay the entry tax on the vehicle. The Madras High Court ordered the actor to pay a fine of Rs 1 lakh after finding that he was trying to evade paying the tax by challenging the tax demand made by the commercial tax department. The plea move by Vijay was rejected by the court. The judge said that the actor has a large-scale fanbase and is not expected to evade tax.  Apart from the Rolls Royce, Vijay owns several other luxury cars, such as the BMW X5, Toyota Innova, BMW X6, Nissan X-Trail, Audi A8, and Mini Cooper S.