Actress & friend arrested for bumping Hyundai Creta into random vehicles at traffic signal [Video]

Television and movie actress from Kerala Aswathy Babu and her friend recently got arrested by police. The actress and her friend have been arrested for driving the Hyundai Creta under the influence of drugs in Kochi. According to the reports, the Hyundai Creta had hit several vehicles on the road and it was being driven dangerously. Aswathy Babu’s friend Naufal was driving the Hyundai Creta.


According to the reports, Naufal created a dangerous situation on the road last night. Other drivers and riders on the road actually started noticing the vehicle after he started moving the Creta forward and reverse quite aggressively at the traffic signal near Cochin University of Science And Technology.

Naufal drove the Creta very aggressively and hit many other vehicles which came in front of it. The driver did not stop the car even after the accident. When people noticed that the car was being driven rashly, one of the motorcycle rider started chasing and tried blocking the road.

Actress & friend arrested for bumping Hyundai Creta into random vehicles at traffic signal [Video]

The driver did stop the Creta before hitting the two-wheeler rider but, the driver tried to take the car off the road and ended u bursting the tyre. The actress and her friend drove the car dangerously for almost 1 km before public came forward and managed to stop them. When the actress and her friend saw that people are gathering around them, they tried escaping with the car. The Hyundai Creta SUV however had a flat tyre so they dropped the plan and ran away to a nearby school. The locals informed the police and they started searching for the culprits. Cops initially arrested Naufal from the nearby school.


People then informed the cops that a women was also with Naufal. The cops then searched the premises again and then arrested Aswathy Babu. Both of them have been arrested and would undergo medical examination to get a clarity on what drug they were using. This is not the first time, Aswathy Babu has been arrested for a case like this. In 2018, Aswathy Babu was arrested with MDMA drug. The actress used to organise drug parties in her flat. The cops raided the flat after they received information related to the drug party. According to older reports, cops had mentioned that the actress has illegal drugs in her possession and she sells it to other people. She also uses it frequently.

Actress & friend arrested for bumping Hyundai Creta into random vehicles at traffic signal [Video]

Aswathy Babu is not a very popular actress in Malayalam industry. She has only acted in a few television serial and movies. She however introduces herself as an actress to make new contacts and connections. Driving a car under the influence of alcohol or any other type of illegal substance is an offence in India. Drinking or th use of any such item slows down your reflexes and response time. It is quite important when you are driving on a public road. It is probably the reason, why the actor’s friend would have hit so many vehicles on the road. By driving a vehicle under the influence of a drug or alcohol, you are not only putting your own life at risk but also the life of other road users.

Via: OneIndia Malayalam