Actress Rubina Dilaik’s MG Gloster hit by Tata Yodha pick up truck: Admitted in hospital

Television actress Rubina Dilaik was involved in a car accident on Saturday while waiting at a traffic signal in Mumbai. Rubina was in her MG Gloster at a traffic signal when a Tata Yodha, whose driver was allegedly talking on a phone crashed into the rear of the SUV. Rubina was shifted to the hospital after the accident.

The pictures of the accident shared by her husband actor Abhinav Shukla show the rear of the MG Gloster and the front of the Tata Yodha. The picture shows damages to the bumper and front of the Tata Yodha whole the rear of the MG Gloster looks like it got away only a few scratches.

Rubina later shared that she suffered a few injuries too. She said that she hurt her back and head and was in a state of shock. However, after medical tests, everything was reported to be fine. She also said that she will take legal action against the driver.

It looks like Rubina was not wearing a seatbelt in the car. That is why she got tossed around the car when the Tata Yodha crashed against her Gloster and hurt her back and head. One should wear seatbelt regardless of their seating position in the car. The seatbelts for the rear rear passengers are as important as they are for the front passengers. In Delhi, traffic police started a campaign a few months ago and also started to issue challans to the people for not wearing a seatbelt in the rear seats.

Actress Rubina Dilaik’s MG Gloster hit by Tata Yodha pick up truck: Admitted in hospital

Following the unfortunate incident of Cyrus Mistry’s untimely demise in a road accident in Palghar, Maharashtra, the Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, introduced a new rule mandating the use of seat belts in the back seat. During the accident, Mistry was seated in the rear without wearing a seat belt. As a result of this incident, the government and traffic police began promoting the importance of wearing seat belts, even for passengers seated in the back.

Most accidents in Indian metros

The issue of road accidents has become a significant concern throughout the country, with New Delhi, our national capital, unfortunately leading the list as the most accident-prone city. Studies have revealed that major accidents primarily occur in larger metropolitan cities.

Following New Delhi, other cities that trail behind the national capital in terms of accident rates include Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad. New Delhi has an accident rate of 20.3 percent, with Mumbai closely following in the second position at 18.8 percent. Interestingly, Delhi has a car density of 108 cars per kilometer, which is nearly five times lower than Mumbai’s car density. On the other hand, the least accident-prone metropolitan city is Bengaluru, often mocked for its enduring traffic congestion.

A detailed analysis further reveals that Noida Sector 12 in the National Capital Region (NCR) is the most accident-prone area, accounting for almost 9 percent of the accidents in the region. Other notable accident-prone areas in the NCR include Gurugram Sector 17, Gurugram Sector 45, Bharat Nagar, and Sultanpuri. In Mumbai, approximately 5 percent of accidents occur in Ghatkopar West, making it the most accident-prone area in the commercial capital of India. Other areas prone to accidents in Mumbai include Nerul, Mira Road, Thane West, and Kandivali West.

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