Actress records selfie video while driving luxury car: Fined by cops

The Indian police have become quite active on social media platforms. Apart from updating the status and announcing various reports online the cops have also started using the social media platforms to nab the violators. The police have even started using social media platforms to issue notices to the traffic violators. Here is the latest incident where the traffic police have issued fine to an actress after she uploaded a video of herself driving and recording a video.


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The incident happened in Bangalore, Karnataka. The actress Sanjjanaa Galrani, who is a popular actress uploaded a video on her personal Instagram profile. In the video, she recorded a selfie video while driving a convertible car. The roof of the car was opened and she was driving the vehicle on the public road. There was a person sitting beside her and she can be seen talking on the video too.

The Bangalore Traffic Police issued a fine after they found her violating a number of rules. A person cannot use the phone in any way while driving the vehicle. While most people only think that talking on the mobile phone while driving is a violation of the law. However, using the phone in any way and even texting while driving is against the rule and the people can be prosecuted.

Actress records selfie video while driving luxury car: Fined by cops

Bangalore Traffic Police sent her a notice to pay the fine within three months. While the fine is not available online, a report suggests that she has been fined for Rs 1,100. However, the exact violations are not known. It is possible that the cops have fined her driving dangerously on the road and while using mobile phones.

Using a phone while driving is extremely dangerous. A phone can be very distracting while driving and the driver cannot give full attention to the road ahead. The divided attention can cause accidents on the roads. There have been many accidents that have happened in the past where people could be spotted using mobile phones while driving. Many people streaming live video online have been involved in accidents in the past.

Driving a car on the road needs undivided attention. Any kind of distraction can be disastrous on the roads, especially in India. In India, pedestrians and stray animals can be extremely unpredictable. Without full attention, anyone can get into accidents. It is also extremely important to follow the rules on the roads. Not following a rule and the speed limits on the public roads. One should always follow the rules, especially on the crowded Indian roads.