ADAS in Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV saves Royal Enfield rider by applying brakes automatically [Video]

mercedes benz glc adas vs royal enfield bullet

ADAS (Automated Driver Assistance Systems) are all in the news, and popular cars like the Mahindra XUV700 offer it. One of the most important aspects of ADAS is automatic braking, where the system may react before the driver can see and react to a situation. Here, we have a video where the Automatic Emergency Braking system in a GLC 220d luxury SUV avoided an accident with a biker.

The video has been uploaded by 61 Garage on their YouTube channel. The video was recorded on the dash camera of the GLC luxury SUV. The accident happened somewhere in Kerala. If you have ever traveled to Kerala, you would know that the roads here are actually narrow, and driving on such roads can often be a challenge. The driver of the luxury SUV was driving through one such narrow road. The GLC 220d was maintaining a speed anywhere between 20-30 kmph, which is not very fast.

The car approached a bridge, and the driver pressed the horn several times to warn the vehicles coming from the opposite direction to wait. Just after the bridge, there was a right-hand curve. We also see a person walking on the side of the road. He saw the car approaching and moved to the shoulder. The car slowed down at the curve, and just then, a Royal Enfield motorcycle approached from the opposite direction. The biker was maintaining a high speed for a curve. He was wide on the curve, which meant he was too close to the median line on the road. He was not expecting any vehicle from the opposite direction.

ADAS in Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV saves Royal Enfield rider by applying brakes automatically [Video]
ADAS working on GLC

When he saw the GLC SUV, he was surprised and pressed the brakes immediately. The rear wheels locked, and the biker lost balance. His handlebars locked, and he hit the bumper of the SUV. It should be noted that while all this was happening, the Mercedes-Benz GLC was actually stationary. The Automatic Emergency Braking system and the Forward Collision Warning system were active in the car. We can hear these features working in the car seconds before the crash.

The SUV detected the biker and immediately applied brakes. The SUV had already stopped, and it was the biker who came and crashed into the SUV. This video is yet another example that shows how these modern features help drive a car safely on the road. ADAS features are there to assist the driver and make their life easier, just like in this case. The bike did hit the SUV, but it looks like the SUV was not damaged. The biker hit his hand on the handlebar while trying to control the bike and was probably injured. ADAS features are now common not just in luxury cars but also in cars from lower segments too. Mahindra XUV700, MG Hector, Tata Harrier, Safari, Hyundai Verna are some of the cars that offer these features.

Mercedes-Benz is India’s largest luxury car manufacturer. In fact, they have the largest number of models available for sale in India, even more than Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, or any other car manufacturer currently present in the Indian market. Mercedes-Benz is an aspirational brand for many, and even in the used car market, these cars have a huge demand. Like any other luxury car brand, Mercedes has also been offering premium features to give occupants a comfortable experience.