How does this additional switch prevents your motorcycle from getting stolen

Vehicle theft is a major problem in India. On a daily basis several two wheelers and four wheelers are stolen from different parts of the country. In comparison to a four wheeler, stealing a two-wheeler is lot more easier. The handle bar lock is the only thing that helps on keep the motorcycle locked. In several CCTV footages available on internet, it is visible that breaking a handle bar lock is not that hard for a thief. Once he breaks the handle lock, he uses the ignition wire to start the motorcycle and  run away. Here we have a video where a vlogger shows a simple trick to make you motorcycle a lot more safer from thieves when it is parked outside or unknown places.

The video has been uploaded by Ajith Buddy Malayalam on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger comes up with a unique trick to make your motorcycle safer. He shows a small modification to the wiring of the motorcycle. which won’t allow a thief to start the motorcycle even if he is using the original key.

For this he places a hidden engine cut off switch is installed in the motorcycle. The For this, the biker will have to cut ignition coil wire and add a switch in between. Ignition coil is responsible for sending current to spark plus to start the motorcycle. Once the wire is cut look for a secure spot to place the switch. It can be placed under the fuel tank, side panels or any place where the switch is not easily visible.

In this case, vlogger chose to place the toggle switch under the seat. He used a good quality wire and connected the Ignition coil wire to it. Once that is done, the wire was connected to the switch. To make sure that you are cutting the right wire, always look for the colour of wire in the ignition coil. A wiring diagram of the motorcycle would also give you a good idea.

How does this additional switch prevents your motorcycle from getting stolen

Once the wire is connected and the switch is installed the vlogger tries starting the motorcycle. The motorcycle starts using the self start switch. Vlogger then turns the toggle switch placed under the seat off and the vehicle is not starting anymore. The toggle switch completely cuts off power supply from ignition coil to spark plug which is needed to start the bike.

He also suggests other accessories like a disc brake locks, wheel locks and Anti-theft system to protect the motorcycle from thieves. The method that vlogger explained in the video is actually a good idea and can give you a peace of mind when you park your ride at an unknown spot. Thieves do not spend a lot of time with one vehicle. If they stay with one motorcycle or car for a longer period of time, the risk of getting caught increases. Thieves know this and that is why they find out that the bike is not starting using their usual tricks, they’ll simply leave the spot.