Advocate’s 12-year old daughter driving Toyota Fortuner goes viral [Video]

A video of a minor girl driving a Toyota Fortuner has become viral on the Internet. Video footage from July 2020 has become viral that shows their daughter driving a Toyota Fortuner. The clip has become viral on the Internet.

The video has the voice of Gunaratan Sadavarte in which he explains how his daughter Zen drove the Toyota Fortuner on the highway. The minor girl Zen is driving the vehicle on the Eastern Express Highway. The family was returning to their residence in Parel when the incident took place.

As it happened during the first wave of COVID-19, we can see Zen, who is driving the vehicle with gloves, a mask and a face cover. The advocate says in the video, “My daughter Zen Sadavarte is a first-time driver on the highway from Thane to Dadar in Fortuner MH 02 GJ 100”. The video has become viral on the Internet.

Activists are appealing to the police to register an offence against Sadavarte and Patil for allowing their minor daughter to drive the Toyota Fortuner. The police are yet to register a case.

Ganesh Chirke, a resident of Majalgaon tweeted the video and requested the police to take action and register an FIR against Sadavarte for violating the traffic rules. Several other Twitter users also commented that the 12-year posed a threat to others on the highway and urged Thane Police and DGP, Maharashtra to take action under relevant provisions.

Underage driving is a major offence

Advocate’s 12-year old daughter driving Toyota Fortuner goes viral [Video]

Minors driving a vehicle on the public roads is a major crime and the cops can take strict actions against the defaulters. A minor driving on the road is illegal and hence, not covered by any insurance policy. Also, a minor getting involved in accidents can become a complicated case.

Earlier, various state police forces issued a strict warning to the parents of the minor children who ride motorcycles. The cops even detained the parents of the minor children who were caught driving cars and motorcycles illegally and sent them to jail overnight. A court judgement earlier asked the cops to hold the parents responsible for allowing the minor children to ride or drive cars and two-wheelers.

The legal age for getting a driving license in India is 18 years old. One can learn to drive or ride before that but in private places like a race track or a private road.

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