Aeroplane goes from Trivandrum to Hyderabad in a truck: Attracts huge crowds on the way [Video]

Trucks transporting heavy and massive equipment have been recorded on video several times. We have seen Volvo FMX Series heavy duty trucks taking months to reach the destination with its goods. These large goods are either too large to be taken to the destination by air or rail or it is simply too expensive. We have seen trucks are trailers carrying large transformers, boilers for power plants and other industries. We have seen large aeroplanes transporting trucks and vehicles from one place to other but, here we have a video where a truck is actually carrying an aeroplane. It is not something that we normally see on our roads and it is attracting crowd as well.

The video has been uploaded by Manorama News on their YouTube channel. The video report shows a truck and trailer carrying an old Airbus A320 aircraft that belonged to Air India. The aircraft has been removed from the service and was bought by a restaurant owner in Hyderabad in an auction. The aircraft was located in Trivandrum, Kerala and is being transported to Hyderabad by road. As it is not something that we normally see on the road, people who came to know about the truck have started gathering on the side of the national highway through which the truck is travelling to Hyderabad.

The scrapped aircraft was being taken to Hyderabad to be converted into an aeroplane themed restaurant. We have seen such restaurants in different parts of the country. As this is a large aircraft, the truck was moving slowly and it was taking its own time to cover the distance. When the truck reached Kollam district of Kerala, it created a traffic jam on the highway while crossing a bridge. People who had gathered on the road side were surprised to see a large aircraft being transport by road. Many of the locals have never seen a aeroplane this close and were surprised to see how large this actually was.

Aeroplane goes from Trivandrum to Hyderabad in a truck: Attracts huge crowds on the way [Video]

While transporting such large items, there are couple of things that the team has to take care of. For example, they cannot drive the truck like a regular vehicle on the road. They have to maintain a certain speed and they usually have anywhere between 10-20 people in the crew to control the traffic on the road. This is done to ensure that the item reaches the destination without any damage. The report does not mention how much the restaurant owner pay for the aircraft in the auction. The wings, tail and the nose of the aircraft has been dismantled as it is impossible to transport the plane with it. The report mentions that the truck will take around 1 month to reach the destination.

The aeroplane fits into the trailer neatly and is secured to make sure that it does not fall or move around during the journey. There are several logistics companies who specialise in transporting such large items and we have seen the same in the past as well. Last year, we had reported a similar incident where a scrapped Air India plane got stuck under a bridge in Delhi-Gurugram highway while it was being transported to another location.