Affluent-looking' woman thief in Honda Brio drives cops crazy!

Affluent-looking woman thief in Honda Brio drives cops crazy!

As many as five police complaints have been registered from the North Campus area of Delhi about phone snatching. All of the incidents involves a well dressed affluent woman driving a white coloured Honda Brio. All the incidents took place recently in a span of just 3 days and cops are clueless about the thief.

How does she do it?

woman 1

All the incidents involve students and North Campus being one of most densely populated areas by college students make it easier to find targets. The woman who can speak fluent english drives up to the bewildered pedestrians in context of asking directions.

After taking directions and making a rapport with the victims, the woman then asks if she can borrow the phone to make a quick call as her phone has discharged completely. The supposedly phone call is for a friend who is waiting for her in a nearby restaurant.

Woman thief

As soon as the unsuspecting pedestrians hand her the phone, she just drives off. The woman has successfully managed to snatch a few mobile phones and tablets from the students after repeating the same process every single time.

Why cops can’t find her?

The latest incident took place at Mukherjee Nagar area. Many victims ran after the woman but were unsuccessful doing so. It also became even more difficult for the cops to trace the car as no one noted down the number plate.

Police says that the woman targets easy looking students who do not look like they will raise an alarm. The areas from where the crime has been reported have a lot of coaching centres and take make it easier for the mystery lady to find targets. Cops are currently investigating the matter and are examining CCTV footage from the affected areas.

How to avoid such situations?

  1. Don’t go too close to unknown car, they occupants may snatch valuables like earrings or chain and run away.
  2. Note the number of the vehicle if you are handing out a phone or anything else.
  3. Stay at a safe distance while giving direction on an empty road.
  4. Don’t take lifts from unknown people.

Illustration: HT