Affordable sportsbikes in India that can do 160 Kph+ : Bajaj Dominar to TVS Apache RR310

Affordable sportsbikes in India that can do 160 Kph+ : Bajaj Dominar to TVS Apache RR310

This is probably the best ever time for motorcycling enthusiasts to invest in their set of dream wheels. With a plethora of options available in the entry level performance segment, a lot of affordable motorcycles can now do serious speeds, enough to satisfy most users. Here is our list of the most affordable motorcycles that can hit the magical figure of 100 mph / 160 kph on the speedometer

Bajaj Dominar

Price: Rs 1.42 lakh (ex-Delhi)
Engine capacity: 373cc
Max power: 34.5 bhp
Max torque: 35 Nm

Bajaj’s power cruiser was one of the most anticipated motorcycles of 2016 and although in terms of sheer numbers it hasn’t too well, the motorcycle offers excellent value for money. The 373cc engine is shared with KTM offerings and inspite of the extra weight, manages to propel the bike to speeds of 160 kph+. The Dominar is fast become popular with tourers and the company recently launched new color options as well.

TVS Apache RR 310

Price: Rs 2.15 lakh (ex-Delhi)
Engine capacity: 312cc
Max power: 33 bhp
Max torque: 27.3 Nm

TVS’ best ever motorcycle got launched a month back and is fast become popular among enthusiasts. The 312cc reverse inclined engine puts out less power and torque than the Dominar but thanks a lighter weight, the RR 310 manages to offer better performance. None of the owners have reported the top speed yet but the promotional video gives us a glimpse!


Price: Rs 2.35 lakh (ex-Delhi)
Engine capacity: 373cc
Max power: 42 bhp
Max torque: 35 Nm

The KTM RC390 has for long been known as the ultimate track tool under Rs 4 lakh. The updated version doesn’t disappoint and continues to offer exciting performance. Given the road and the right conditions, a light weight rider will be able to see over 175 kph on the speedometer which is simply fantastic. Not an everyday motorcycle but surely one that offers the best performance under Rs 3 lakh

KTM Duke 390

Price: Rs 2.38 lakh (ex-Delhi)
Engine capacity: 373cc
Max power: 42 bhp
Max torque: 37 NmInspite of the extra weight, the new Duke 390 continues to offer strong performance. It looks brilliant and goes like a bullet! With the same engine as the RC390, the upright seating takes a bit of a toll but yet, the bike manages to do as much as 164 kph on the speedometer. At this price, the Duke 390 is surely a bomb and offers maximum grinning moments inside the helmet

Kawasaki Z250

Price: Rs 3.08 lakh (ex-Delhi)
Engine capacity: 249cc
Max power: 31.5 bhp
Max torque: 21 Nm

Sold as the world’s first 250cc street-fighter, the Kawasaki Z250 is also the most affordable twin cylinder motorcycle here. It uses the previous generation Ninja 250’s engine that is known around for the world for explosive performance along with bullet proof reliability. The Z250 is known to do speeds in excess of 160 kph – this in spite of the relatively smaller 250cc motor and naked design that hampers aerodynamics.

Benelli TNT 300

Price: Rs 3.08 lakh (ex-Delhi)
Engine capacity: 300cc
Max power: 38 bhp
Max torque: 26.5 Nm

Another naked twin in this list is the Benelli TNT 300. The extra cubic capacity allows it to hit higher speeds as compared to the Z250. Designed in Italy and manufactured in China, the TNT 300 offers higher torque as compared to the similarly priced Z250 – this surely helps in acceleration and mid-range punch. Given the big bike feel, the TNT 300 does make for a good purchase

Hyosung GT250R

Price: Rs 3.08 lakh (ex-Delhi)
Engine capacity: 249cc
Max power: 28 bhp
Max torque: 22 Nm

The GT250R is the oldest model in this list and has been in India since 2012. The 249cc engine isn’t impressive in terms of power and torque figures. It is also the only motorcycle here to sport a 5-speed gearbox. In spite of all this, the GT250R manages to do surprisingly high numbers when it comes to top speed. Owners have done in excess of 165 kph. The GT250R also offers a big bike feel though the engine is known for harshness and vibrations.

Benelli 302R

Price: Rs 3.48 lakh (ex-Delhi)
Engine capacity: 302cc
Max power: 38 bhp
Max torque: 26.5 Nm

The 302R is not just the TNT 300 with a full fairing. This full sized motorcycle looks beautiful has the same power and torque figures as the TNT 300 but performs much better. The aerodynamic fairing comes handy at higher speeds and so does ABS which is standard. The bike is the most expensive here but does over 170 on the speedometer.

Upcoming Options

2018 Yamaha R3

Price: Rs 3.3 – 3.5 lakh onwards (ex-Delhi)
Engine capacity: 321cc
Max power: 41 bhp
Max torque: 30 Nm

The beautiful looking Yamaha R3 was discontinued in India owing to its inability to adhere to the latest BS-IV emission norms. That aside, the R3 offered blistering performance and riders often saw in excess of 160 km/h on the speedometer easily.

Royal Enfield 650cc twins

Price: Rs 4 lakh onwards (ex-Delhi)
Engine capacity: 648cc
Max power: 47 bhp
Max torque: 52 Nm

The all-new Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 and the Continental GT 650 share the same frame and get the brand new parallel-twin 648cc twin cylinder engine. This is the company’s first twin cylinder since 1970 and come mated to a new six-speed manual transmission with a slipper clutch. Power and torque figures seem impressive and should give the bikes top speed in excess of 160 kph.