Go 100 Kms farther in your electric car with the aftermarket range extension kit

In the last one year, we’ve had three new electric vehicles getting launched in India. The main advantage of all the three electric vehicles is that of reasonably long driving ranges. That has not been the case always. All the electric vehicles that we had in India before Hyundai Kona EV, Tata Nexon EV and MG ZS EV had a very average driving range. Two such vehicles that were available in the market with average  driving ranges were the Mahindra E2O and E2O Plus electric hatchbacks. These cars can now go farther thanks to a brand new aftermarket battery range extender kit. Here we have a video that shows how the range extension kit for electric vehicles works, and how it can be easily installed on almost any Electric Vehicle.

The video has been uploaded by Hemank Dabhade on his Youtube channel. Hemank is the same person who has done several petrol/diesel engine to electric motor conversion projects on cars such as the Chevy Beat, Maruti Dzire EV and Maruti 800. The video simply shows the range extension kit that will be installed in the car to extend the driving range.

For this experiment, he chose Mahindra EV which has a real world driving range of around 130-140 kms which is very less. In order to resolve this issue, he has now come up with a range extension kit for Mahindra E2O and E2O Plus. What this range extension kit includes is a 9 kwH battery pack that has been developed by Northway Motorsport. This battery pack is a straight fit and can easily be placed in the boot of the vehicle. The range extension kit gives an additional 100 kilometres range to the vehicle.

Go 100 Kms farther in your electric car with the aftermarket range extension kit

All said, the actual range still depends upon the driving style and the health of cars original battery pack. They also have smaller 4.5 KwH range extension kit that increases the driving range by almost 50 kms. The presenter also says that they even have the provision to replace the original battery pack of the car with a 14.5 KwH unit, if it is not in good condition.

The 100 kms range extender kit is known as RE100 and the smaller 4.5 KwH unit is known as RE50. Both these range extenders are on sale and the price of 9 KwH battery pack or RE100 is Rs 1.77 lakh and smaller RE50 battery pack is Rs 1.18 lakh. Interested buyers can buy these from Northway Motorsport by clicking here.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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