Aha NexCruise Plug-N-Play device increases range of electric cars by 20 %: Offers DeepEco and Cruise Control

To combat the inevitable issue of range anxiety in an EV, Aakash, the founder of Aha 3D innovations in Jaipur, has created a device that allows users to increase the range of their electric vehicles by 20%. The Aha NexCruise is a plug-and-play gadget that minimizes the discomfort of driving and increases an EV’s range while traveling long distances on roads without fast chargers.

Aha NexCruise Plug-N-Play device increases range of electric cars by 20 %: Offers DeepEco and Cruise Control
Aha NexCruise after market cruise control for electric cars

The Aha NexCruise device helps in providing cruise control and other host of features to the electric vehicle that it is connected to and enables the users to confidently drive long distances with no fast chargers. Furthermore, it offers a list of features mentioned below.

  • Users of electric vehicles with this device can benefit from cruise control since it guarantees a certain range for each driving speed.
  • Eco-mode: Increases range when driving in cities.
  • Deep eco mode (Tata Nexon EV specific): Gives the users a way to ensure that their Nexon EV will have a range of at least 300 km.
  • Coast mode: Disables regenerative braking and increases mileage by using the vehicle’s motion. It gives EVs a perk often found in ICE vehicles.
  • To prevent unintentional over speeding, it uses speed restriction mode.
  • OTA updates: The NexCruise gadget allows over-the-air software upgrades to give users the newest features.

The founder during an interview with Better India, shared the story behind the creation of this device. He stated that he went on a road trip with his wife in his Tata Nexon EV that has a range of 312 km from the company. The pair travelled 1500 kilometres roundtrip from Jaipur to Longewala on the India-Pakistan border, stopping at Pushkar, Jodhpur, and Jaisalmer along the way. He revealed that the trip was a very unique trip and was covered by numerous media outlets because of it only took Rs 800 in charging costs to travel this long. But he added that this trip also led to him to create this device.

He said that after facing all the challenges of driving an EV for these long distances he came up with the conclusion that EVs are predictable but their ranges are not because it depends upon the driving style. So he set out to create a device that can automate the process of driving an EV which in turn will to maximize the range as it will eliminate the unpredictability of different driving styles of different people.

Following this he designed and manufactured the Aha NexCruise device which he explained can be connected to the accelerator of the car itself. He stated, using a removable connector, the accelerator pedal is directly connected to the car’s vehicle control unit (VCU). Customers can affix this gadget between the gas pedal and the VCU. He further explained, “the accelerator-pedal signal is received by the device instead of directly going to the car. And the device, in turn, refines this signal as per the rules of ‘the EV style of driving’, and delivers this ideal signal to the VCU of the car. Hence, it insulates the car from all manual mistakes, and helps achieve the best possible range,”

Currently the device comes in two variants the first is NexCruise Basic that costs Rs 19,900 and the other is NexCruise Pro that costs 25,990 and this one comes with all the above mentioned features.