Ahmedabad businessman sues Jaguar dealership over faulty repairs: Wants 1 crore compensation

Buying a luxury car is a dream of many but if things go wrong with your dream car then it taints the experience of owning one. It becomes even worse when the dealership also does not extend its help and instead harassed the customer. In these frequent cases of dealer harassment recently Rajeev Agrawal, an industrialist from Ahmedabad filed a complaint against Cargo Motors Ltd, the Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) dealership in Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad businessman sues Jaguar dealership over faulty repairs: Wants 1 crore compensation

Agrawal reported that he lodged a case against his Jaguar dealer with the District Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission over the harassment he endured from them. He said that despite bringing his Jaguar XE sedan to Cargo Motors Ltd for maintenance three times from September 2021, the issue has persisted for the last four months and has not been resolved. He stated that he has been going through this dealer harassment for over a period of ten months.

Sharing his story with the media, Rajeev Agrawal said, “I bought the Jaguar XE for about Rs 50 lakh in 2017. There were issues in the car since the start but the major issues started surfacing from September 2021 when they took five months to repair the car. We got the car back in January 2022 and in July again some other problem surfaced, which took another month to be solved. The car again failed in September 2022.”

Agrawal reported that despite spending lakhs of Rupees on repairs for his car it has been experiencing the same issue for the third time. He stated that the vehicle has been with the dealer for four months now, and the problem is still unresolved. He futher added, “First, Cargo Motors said the car has transmission issues and asked for Rs 12.5 lakh to repair it. However, when we confronted them they brought the cost down to Rs 1.6 lakh with the assurance of warranty. In July 2022, again I paid Rs 70,000 to Cargo Motors as they said there was some gearbox issue. But this time, in just two months, again the same issue resurfaced and they demanded around Rs 13.75 lakh, saying it is because of the transmission issue,”

After going back and forth on numerous occasions finally Agrawal filed a lawsuit against the car manufacturer, contending that the dealership had promised them an extended warranty of a year and that both of the problems that arose after the initial incident were covered by insurance. He elaborated on the case by stating, “I had email communications with Cargo Motors since the beginning. It was only when I approached JLR and other top officials that we were told that the GM of Cargo Motors Ltd Ahmedabad, Praveen Nair, would coordinate with us to solve the issue.”

Cargo Motors Ltd. and JLR were designated parties in Agrawal’s lawsuit that was filed in the consumer court. He has begged for either the vehicle to be replaced or fixed with a guarantee and assurance that the same issue won’t happen again. In addition, he has requested Rs 1 crore in damages for alleged harassment and for the automobile being held at the dealership for the last 10 months.