AI Camera issue: Wrongly records a speed of 1240 kmph for bike

ai camera installed in Kerala

A few months ago, Kerala finished installing 726 AI cameras across the state. The system automatically detects violations and issues challans to violators. After a trial period of over a month, the system was finally implemented. On the first day, the cameras issued over 38,000 challans. However, an incident has recently occurred that has tarnished the system’s reputation. The AI camera detected a biker riding at 1240 km/h, which was obviously an error. Authorities have already taken action to prevent such errors from occurring in the future.

The video containing this incident has been shared by Jaihind TV on their YouTube channel. In the video report, it is mentioned that the AI camera wrongly detected the speed of a motorcycle. The camera took a photo and sent it to the control room, where the system issued a challan for overspeeding, indicating a speed of 1240 km/h. Initially, it was stated that the biker had actually been fined for not wearing a helmet, and the system may have become confused and issued a challan for overspeeding. However, further investigation revealed that the biker had not violated any rules, and the challan should not have been issued.

Since the implementation of this new system, more errors have come to light. The report mentions that the AI camera becomes confused when it detects a screw or a bolt on a number plate. It mistakenly reads the screw as the number zero and issues a challan. The system cannot differentiate between the number and the screw. Initially, the AI camera system was announced as a system that would not require any human intervention, but due to the errors and issues reported in the last couple of days, Motor Vehicle Inspectors and AMVIs have now been assigned to control rooms to review the pictures taken by the AI camera. This measure is intended to ensure that no errors occur in the future. We believe that these issues can be resolved by updating the system over time.


However, many people in Kerala are not satisfied with the system, as they feel it is not fair for everyone. Many have complained that the AI camera does not issue challans for convoys of politicians and ministers who drive recklessly on the narrow roads of Kerala. Middle-class families are particularly concerned, as the camera does not spare a family consisting of a mother, father, and child traveling on a two-wheeler and will issue a fine. Apart from overspeeding, the AI camera also issues challans for using a mobile phone while driving or riding, driving a car without wearing a seat belt, illegal parking, and running a red light, among other offenses. Riding a two-wheeler without a helmet results in a fine of Rs. 500, while carrying three people on a two-wheeler incurs a fine of Rs. 1,000. Using a mobile phone while driving or riding incurs a fine of Rs. 2,000, and driving