Signs that your air filter needs a replacement

The air filter is an important part of the engine because it helps the engine to breathe clean air, and clean air is important because it helps the engine to run efficiently and properly. Usually, air filters are replaced on every service. Still, sometimes if the car is being heavily used under dusty conditions like construction sites or heavy traffic areas, then the air filter can get clogged up much faster. Because of this, you would have to replace the air filter sooner than usual.

Signs that your air filter needs a replacement

Today, we list down five signs that can help you to identify if your air filter needs a replacement:-

Dirty air filter

The most important and most easy way to identify that you need a replacement filter is to open up the bonnet of your car and inspect the air filter. If your vehicle is new or the filter was replaced recently, then the air filter will be white or almost white. If the filter is covered with dust and debris or it has gone dark or dirty, then it is time to replace the filter.

Low fuel efficiency

Your fuel efficiency will drop because the engine will not be getting enough oxygen that is required to function properly and efficiently. The engine has to burn a mixture of fuel and air, and if the air is not in an optimum amount, then the combustion will not be in its most efficient way. This will lead to reduced fuel efficiency from the engine. However, if your car comes with fuel-injection, then this should not be a big problem because the fuel injection system calculates the amount of air that should go into the engine.

Check engine light turns on

Signs that your air filter needs a replacement

Well, there is nothing much that you can do if the check engine light turns on. This is because proper tools and proper knowledge is required to figure out why the light has turned on as it can be turned on for numerous reasons. Modern engines require a lot of air, and when the air is inadequate, the carbon deposits can accumulate, which can trigger the check engine light. The best thing to do in such a scenario is to contact your service station because they will be able to assist you.


One of the reasons for an engine misfiring is an improper mixture of air and fuel. If the air supply is restricted, the quantity of fuel increases in the mixture, which means that the spark plugs cannot spark the mixture effectively. Due to this, the engine misfires and jerks. Replacing the air filter might solve this problem.

Reduced power

If you have been driving your car for quite some time, then you start to understand it and feel if it behaves abnormally. If your vehicle is not responding to the throttle inputs as it used to do earlier, it means that the engine is not receiving the air that it needs. Just replacing a clogged air filter with a new one can increase the performance of the vehicle by up to 11 percent. On this same science, the performance air filters are based. Performance air filters provide more air and smoother airflow for the engine, which increases the performance of the engine and help it breathe even better.

These are the five signs that your car may need a new air filter. Replacing the air filter is beneficial for the engine as it helps smoother running and better longevity of the engine. The air filter protects the engine from the dust and debris that might enter the engine and helps to provide optimum fuel and air mixture. You must be attentive while driving and keep observing how your car is reacting to your inputs if you think that there is something wrong or abnormal. You should consult a mechanic as soon as possible and periodically check the status of the air filter.