Scrapped Air India plane gets stuck under a flyover [Video]

In a bizarre incident, a truck trailer carrying an Air India plane got stuck under a foot overbridge in Delhi. The incident happened on the Delhi-Gurugram highway near the Delhi airport. Many motorists were left perplexed as to how the plane reached the road on a trailer.

After a video of the stuck plane became viral online, Indian Airlines confirmed that the plane is not involved in any mishap. The plane was reportedly scrapped by the airlines. It was later sold to an individual and got stuck during the transportation of the plane.

Airlines often retire old planes and sell the parts as scrap after dismantling the plane. The video shows that the plane does not have any doors and even the wings are missing. Indian Airlines confirmed that the plane has already been sold by them and it does not belong to their fleet anymore. The spokesperson of the airline said that they do not have any additional information on the incident as the plane now belongs to someone else and they do not get involved in the transportation.

The fuselage of the plane was mounted on a trailer. It looks like that the driver of the truck could not gauge the height of the foot overbridge and got the decommissioned plane stuck under the flyover.

There are many decommissioned planes around the country that have been converted into theme-based restaurants to attract customers.

Transportation of oversized cargoes

Scrapped Air India plane gets stuck under a flyover [Video]

Transportation of oversized cargoes can be a tricky job, especially in India where the shrinking road space forces most oversized vehicles to use the highways at night. There are many trailers that carry oversized cargo throughout India. This includes heavy machinery and even the parts of large machines like windmills.

Most oversized cargo movers have a team of many who move around the trailer to ensure that the cargo does not get stuck in a similar situation. Many such movers have teams travelling ahead of them to see if the vehicle and the cargo will be able to move safely through the roads. If needed, they even talk to the authorities to shift the overhead wires and turn off electricity temporarily for the safe passage of the cargo.

Since these large vehicles have a very poor view of the road and the visibility is very bad, the extra helping hands move around to check if the cargo is getting stuck anywhere. We are not sure if the team moving the decommissioned plane were keeping an eye on such obstacles.