Airbags & seat belts protect front seat passengers in massive over-speeding crash

Time and again, we’ve seen high speed crashes that have resulted in passengers dying for not wearing seatbelts and others being saved just because they were wearing seatbelts. In a massive crash that happened near Mysuru, three students were killed after the car rolled over multiple times. Two others, who’re seriously injured, escaped death because they were in the front seats, with the seatbelts on.

Airbags & seat belts protect front seat passengers in massive over-speeding crash

How did it happen?

Police officials say that the car in question, a Hyundai Verna sedan, was speeding at over 150 Kph on Mysuru’s Outer Ring Road. The driver lost control at a curve, causing the car to roll over multiple times, and crash into an electric pole while rolling over. The impact of the high speed rollover saw three students seated at the back – without seatbelts – being flung out of the car. They succumbed on the spot while the two others in the front seat have survived, and were in the car even after the rollover accident.

This tragic accident is said to have happened mainly to speeding. Rehan Ur Rehman, a degree student of D Devaraja Urs College, Hunsur, was driving the car and he survived this massive accident,  along with Spoorthi, another college-going girl who was in the front passenger seat. The three dead students include Syed Aseem Museed (22) – a BCom student; Mohammed Farhan (22) – a BBA student, and Divya (21) – also a student. Our hearts go out to the young lives lost.

Importance of seat-belts!

Seat-belts make the difference between life and death. They’re designed to hold passengers of the car in their seats during accidents, preventing (to the extent possible) other parts of the car such as the dashboard, metal and plastic trims and doors to make direct contact with the passengers. Seatbelts also prevent passengers from being thrown  outside the car during an accident. It’s not enough for just the driver or front passenger to wear seatbelts. Every passenger in the car has to wear seatbelts for safety. Notably, in many cars, airbags do not deploy if seatbelts aren’t worn. This again underscores why wearing a seatbelt is so important.