Aircraft gets stuck under a bridge while being transported on a truck to Hyderabad

Only last week we had written about a truck that was carrying a decommissioned aircraft from Kerala to Hyderabad. The aircraft was bought by a Restaurant owner in Hyderabad in an auction in Kerala and has plans to convert the aircraft into an aeroplane themed restaurant. It looks like one such scrapped aeroplane recently got stuck under a bridge in Andhra Pradesh on its way to Hyderabad. According to the videos that have surfaced online, the aircraft was bought by Pista House restaurant group.

The aeroplane got stuck under a bridge in Andhra Pradesh’s Baptala district. The truck and trailer was on its way to Hyderabad when the incident happened. After the plane got stuck under the bridge, local police arrived at the spot and helped to pull the aeroplane out. Many people gathered around the area after they came to know about the aircraft stuck under the bridge. This also created a traffic jam in the area. Vehicles were then redirected through a different route. Reports suggest that the aircraft was bought for Rs 75 lakh at an auction in Kerala. Once it reaches Hyderabad, Pista House will convert the aircraft into a restaurant.

Aircraft gets stuck under a bridge while being transported on a truck to Hyderabad

Ever since the truck and trailer has started its journey from Kerala, it has been consistently coming up in news for several reasons. Kerala state does not have very wide roads and the transporting such huge item by road is quite challenging. People gathered around to click pictures and selfies with the aircraft. Many of them were seeing an aeroplane this close for the first time. When the truck reached a bridge in Kollam district’s Chavara region, the truck got stuck under a bridge. It could only continue to move ahead after the tyres were deflated on the trailer and the aircraft. The report does not mention whether the trailer was able to cross the bridge under which it got stuck in Andhra Pradesh.

The Airbus A320 aircraft is huge and it cannot be carried with wings attached to the body. The wings are detatched and were transported in a different truck. Even that had caused an accident in Kerala. The truck had hit a Kerala State Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus. We have featured several videos of such trucks carrying heavy or large items on our website. In most of the cases, these tasks are performed by a private agency that has experience in transporting such goods.

The team is quite big (usually 10-15 people or more) and they navigate the driver time to time. They also have a pilot vehicle that clears the traffic ahead and does the recce of the road ahead. If they find any hurdles in front, the pilot vehicle informs the driver and rest of the team acts accordingly. In this case we are not sure what happened. The trucks are normally driven at night as number of vehicles on road are less. The truck is not driven too fast as there is always a risk to damaging the aircraft.