Aircraft gets stuck under a bridge: Watch how it’s rescued [Video]

The road infrastructure across India has improved by a lot in the past few years. With the development, a lot of flyovers, overbridges and elevated roads have come up. The bridges and flyovers somewhat restrict the movement of heavy vehicles that carry machines, vehicles and lot of other heavy objects including train locomotive and aircraft. These heavy vehicles most of the time pass under the flyovers and overbridges and underpasses without much of a problem. However, if the height of the cargo is high, it can be quite a big problem. Here is a video of a truck carrying an aircraft that got stuck under a bridge. Watch how the aircraft and the truck were rescued without damaging the bridge.

The incident happened in Durgapur Expressway in West Bengal, which one of the fastest roads in the country. A truck was carrying an abandoned aircraft of India Post when it got stuck under a concrete flyover. The massive truck remained stuck under the bridge for a few hours until it was rescued by the authorities.

To reduce the truck and the aircraft, all the tyres of the truck were deflated completely and a few tyres were removed too. The video shows that the truck carrying the aircraft without a few tyres while all other tyres were deflated. It was pulled by another truck to make sure that it comes out of the situation without much of a problem.

Aircraft gets stuck under a bridge: Watch how it’s rescued [Video]

At many places, the authorities install an iron barricade and write the height of the flyover on it to make sure that such incidents do not occur. We believe that the iron height barricade was missing from this particular flyover. Most heavy vehicle drivers have a fair idea about the height of their cargo and they make sure that they do not get into such situations. But we believe that this truck driver was not being careful about the height of the aircraft he was carrying.

Nonetheless, in the past, we have seen many such rescues, where deflating the tyres of the trucks do the trick for them. Since the truck tyres are very high, removing air brings down the height of the vehicle by a few inches, which is enough to pass through it. However, we think this truck needed more than a few inches of clearance, which is why the tyres had to be removed completely.

There are no reports of any damage to the flyover but we believe that the authorities will do a thorough check of the flyover for any cracks or other types of damages before opening it for the traffic movements. A lot of people gathered around to watch the rescue mission and we are sure it would have been an interesting view. However, one should be extremely careful about the height of the cargo while driving under the flyovers, overbridges and underpasses.