Akash Ambani drives his father Mukesh and brother Anant in Rolls Royce Cullinan

The Ambani family returned to Mumbai after the engagement ceremony of Anant Ambani in a temple in Rajasthan. We saw an unusual scene at the Mumbai airported after the family returned. As you know Mukesh Ambani is a Z+ protectee. Which means he enjoys the highest level of security that can be given to a civillian. While the Ambani family owns four armoured vehicles and often uses them to move around, this is the first time that Mukesh Ambani has been spotted in a vehicle that is not bulletproof.

The video footage shows Akash Ambani, the older son of Mukesh Ambani driving the new Rolls Royce Cullinan. Besides him, Anant Ambani is on the co-driver seat while Mukesh Ambani is sitting in the rear seat. Since Mukesh Ambani is a Z+ protectee, he is always moved around in an armoured vehicle that is driven by an expert driver who knows all the escape maneuvers. We are not sure why he is travelling in the Rolls Royce Cullinan. It might be possible that his armoured convoy of cars could not reach the airport on time.

The Ambani family does not travel in the same cars for security reasons. Even if the family is headed towards the same destination, they will travel in different cars. This is to protect the family members in case a car meets with an accident or someone attacks a particular vehicle.

The footage also shows an army of CISF soldiers who are deployed to protect Mukesh Ambani struggling to make way for the vehicles.  Akash Ambani drove them till the Antilia, which is the official residence of the Ambanis.

Interestingly, Akash has been spotted driving around the cars like the Bentley Bentayga before this.

Most expensive Rolls Royce Cullinan in India

The Rolls Royce Cullinan that you see in the video is the most expensive Cullinan in India. It gets a special paint job worth Rs 1 crore. There are many other customisation options and a special registration place on the vehicle.

While the exact customisation options chosen by the Ambanis remain a secret, we can see that the new Cullinan is finished in the brilliant Tuscan Sun colour shade that makes it stand out in the crowd. It also looks like the car gets optional 21-inch wheels. The price of the alloy wheels is not available online and is only revealed upon request.

This Cullinan also gets a “0001” registration number. While it usually costs Rs 4 lakh for the VIP number, according to the RTO, they chose the number from a new series as all the numbers from the current series were taken.

That is why RTO charged Rs 12 lakh for the registration number alone. RTO said with written permission from the Transport Commissioner, the new series can be started without exhausting the previous series. However, the RTO charges three times compared to the standard registration cost.