Watch Akshay Kumar learn to fly a 1050 BHP Jet-Suit [Video]

Akshay Kumar, one of the most daring actors in Bollywood is known for doing most of his own stunts. The veteran actor has been spotted inside a 1,050 Bhp Jetsuit made by Gravity. The actor was trained for hours before they even let him try the suit. Here is the video.

The Gravity Jet suit is not for public sale yet but the product is used by specialist plots in their team to showcase its powers. The suit has been used to fly over oceans and water surfaces too. It feels like real-life Iron Man inside the jet suit but it requires extreme control to manoeuvre properly inside the suit.

Developed by a company called Gravity that was founded by Richard Browning in 2017, the Jet suit has attracted thousands of visitors from the around the world. The suit utilises kerosene powered jet engines that are strapped to the body of the person. The engines provide 22kg of thrust each, which can be used by the pilot to change direction, speed and fly like an Iron Man in the air. These are specialised microjets that are really small and can be used in a bodysuit without much of a problem. The suit is really high-tech and comes with a heads-up display that mounts to the helmet of the pilot. It provides critical data about the fuel level, altitude, engine temperature, remaining flight time and more.

Currently, the suit can do a speed of up to 51.53 km/h, which was recorded during an attempt to enter the Guinness World Records. The combined power from all the jets in the suit is about 1,050 Bhp, which is similar to a Bugatti Veyron! The suit is known as Daedalus Mark 1 and there more advanced versions of it in the line that will be available in the future.

Watch Akshay Kumar learn to fly a 1050 BHP Jet-Suit [Video]

The video released officially by Gravity shows Akshay Kumar reaching their testing point. He first received a set of instructions from the trainer and after some time was allowed to try the suit. He was then harnessed to a metal bed that ensured that he does not go out of control. Akshay got off the ground for some time and since the suit gives a feeling of weightlessness, it does takes time to get adjusted to it before once can control it properly. Akshay Kumar is expected to fly in the suit and gain some flight time in the future and we will wait for the video to be released.

Gravity currently does shows around the world where they showcase the technology in the suit. In the future, we can expect such suits on sale in the market but be assured that they will be more expensive than most supercars out there in the market.

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