Akshay Kumar has a hilarious crash on a bicycle [Video]

Bollywood movie star Akshay Kumar is known for performing his own stunts in some movies, often taking big risks in the process. A couple of years ago, the superfit actor was wishing India a Happy Independence Day and was stunting on a bicycle while at that. What happened next was quite hilarious. Here, watch it for yourself.

As the video shows, Akshay Kumar is seen having a hard time controlling the bicycle with his hands off the handlebar even as he pedals quite intensely. The bicycle weaves a bit and finally Akshay loses balance, only to end up sprawled on the grass just off the road. Luckily for him, no injuries ensue.

Even a fall from a bicycle can cause head injuries, at speeds as low as 10 Kmph. While Akshay Kumar did see the crash coming and managed to save himself from getting injured on the head, a similar crash with little or no warning can cause head injuries. Even on a bicycle, do wear a crash helmet for your own safety.

As for motorcycles and other powered two wheelers such as scooters and mopeds, it goes without saying that a helmet is mandatory by law. Even the pillion rider of a two wheeler needs to wear a crash helmet as pillions often get thrown off more violently than the rider, who often knows when the two wheeler is going out of balance.

The crash helmet is the most crucial part of road safety as far as two wheelers are concerned. Every year thousands of lives are lost on Indian roads in accidents where the rider and pillion don’t wear crash helmets.  Apart from a crash helmet, other important bits of safety gear includes gloves, knee guards, riding boots and a riding jacket. These bits of safety equipment will save the rider from bruises and other injuries caused due to friction in a fall. Ride far, ride safe.

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