Akshay Kumar spotted riding Honda CBR650F & Ducati Monster superbikes without a HELMET [Video]

Movies are often like living a dream for many and youngsters try to copy the lifestyle of the movie characters quite often. What do on the silver screen often becomes a trend, especially among the youngsters. Akshay Kumar, one of the most popular actor in India was recently spotted riding mid-size sports touring motorcycle without a helmet. However, it was on the sets of a movie, which is why it is not illegal and cops cannot fine him for riding a bike without a helmet.

A video from the sets of Sooryavanhsi, Rohit Shetty’s upcoming movie was leaked and became viral on the Internet. The small clip shows Akshay Kumar, who is the lead actor of the movie riding a Honda CBR650F without a helmet. Interestingly, he’s riding the bike with Katrina Kaif, who is the lead co-actress in the movie.

It seems like they are both riding the bike when the shoot is not happening. The cameras were not rolling at the time. However, we are not sure if they will wear a helmet when the real shoot happens. It is also known if the scene includes a bike stunt. Often, Akshay Kumar likes to do his own stunts and does not allow a stunt double to take his place. This is why such scenes are done without a helmet to show the world that the actor himself is performing the stunts.

But this is not the first time that the actor has appeared on-screen on a bike without a helmet. A few months back, Akshay Kumar was spotted riding a Ducati Monster on the streets of Bangkok while shooting for a movie. Even then, Akshay did not have a helmet on.  In fact, the director of that movie, Rohit Shetty was also spotted riding the bike without a helmet.

Akshay Kumar spotted riding Honda CBR650F & Ducati Monster superbikes without a HELMET [Video]

Often, the movie scripts require the actor to be without a helmet and show his face while doing stunts or other such dangerous activities. However, since it is a movie set, we are sure that there are ample safety measures in place that will minimize the damage in case of an accident. But most of the people watching the movies do not understand that and go on to replicate such stunts on the roads without any safety gear that can turn fatal. Accidents on bikes even at slower speeds can gravely injure the riders.

Akshay Kumar is a brand ambassador of Honda two-wheelers in India and he has appeared in many Honda advertisements. In fact, he was also part of the television commercials launched last year by the traffic police to spread safety awareness. Akshay has been very involved when it comes to safety on the public roads in the past.

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