Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar Ditches Luxury Cars And Uses Metro To Beat Mumbai Traffic [Video]

akshay kumar humble metro

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar was spotted travelling in a metro in Mumbai yesterday. The actor was spotted during the peak hour traffic hours travelling the public transport. Numerous pictures and videos of the actor were seen online as commuters identified him travelling on the train.

Akshay was spotted wearing a mask and a baseball cap in the metro. As the video became viral online, many Internet users applauded the actor for choosing public transport to travel.

Akshay Kumar has taken the metro for his journey before. Last year, he was seen talking and engaging with other passengers while promoting his movie Selfiee with co-star Emraan Hashmi. This created special and memorable moments for him and his fans.

Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar Ditches Luxury Cars And Uses Metro To Beat Mumbai Traffic [Video]

The Mumbai local trains have an average speed of 35-50 kilometers per hour. Due to limited road space and slow-moving traffic, many travelers prefer taking the trains over cars. Mumbai and Bengaluru are known for their slow traffic, which often becomes a topic of discussion on social media.

Last year, in a video posted by Dr. Hiranandani himself, he is seen waiting at the train platform before boarding the crowded train. Although overcrowding is a common sight on Mumbai locals, it wasn’t the case this time. Dr. Hiranandani managed to find a seat in the air-conditioned cabin and was seen working on his phone. The video also captured him engaging with fellow passengers. While he didn’t mention the amount of time he saved by choosing the train over a car, it could have been several minutes depending on the traffic and distance.

In April 2023, Hema Malini’s surprise ride on the Mumbai Metro drew attention to the ongoing traffic issues in the busy city. The public had mixed responses to these celebrity train rides, with some applauding their choice to experience the everyday challenges faced by common citizens. Comments on social media indicated that public transportation is becoming increasingly necessary due to poor road conditions, traffic mismanagement, and safety concerns. While it was mentioned that Mr. Hiranandani travelled in a coach reserved for disabled passengers, as indicated by the signage, there were also many other passengers travelling with him.

The Indian transport ministry aims to achieve full electrification in public transportation and logistics across the country, including heavy vehicles used for goods transportation. The government’s infrastructure priorities will initially focus on waterways, followed by railways, roadways, and aviation. However, considering the growing demand for road-based public transport, especially railways and roadways, the government will also promote the use of electric vehicles.

Akshay Kumar owns several high-end cars

Akshay Kumar owns several high-end luxury cars including Mercedes-Benz V-Class, which he uses often to reach his shoot locations and events. The actor also owned the Bentley Flying Spur but it seems that he has sold the car now. The actor bought a Jeep Compass, which is to be used by his family caretaker. But the family also owns a Honda CR-V, which they used for quite a long time.