Before his Independence Day movie Gold, Akshay Kumar turns traffic police [Video]

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has justj appeared in an awareness campaign to ensure that road users do not flout the rules on the roads. The video has been released just a day ahead of India’s Independence Day, which is also when Akshay Kumar’s latest movie, Gold, releases. All the major Indian cities and highways suffer from numerous non-law-abiding road users. Flouting the traffic rules causes thousands of accidents each year, most of which turn out to be fatal ones.

Akshay Kumar has donned a Maharashtra Traffic Police uniform in the awareness campaign. The video shows Akshay Kumar stopping a vehicle going on a no-entry road and then explaining to the driver how it can be unsafe to drive on the wrong side of the road or enter a one-way road. Wrong side driving is a major problem in India. People inside the city limits and even on the highways take the wrong way or one-way roads to save time and distance. Most of the times, it creates huge jams on the roads and on highways, major accidents are caused because of the same.

It is illegal to drive on the wrong way and if caught, the cops can issue a fine to the driver. However, this does not stop the road users from going the wrong way and create chaos. It is always imperative to ensure that everyone follows the traffic rules whenever on the road. Here are a few things that can keep you safe inside the city and on the highways.

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  1. Always ensure lane-driving, switching lanes quickly can lead to accidents at high speeds and can worsen the traffic jams.
  2. Follow the speed limits. Speed limits are set after assessing the road situation and speeding can lead to accidents.
  3. Always maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you. Use the 3-second rule to maintain a gap to avoid bumping into the car in front.
  4. Never overload a vehicle. The tyres can burst and the car can go out of control. Also, the braking distance increases with extra load.
  5. Slow down whenever crossing populated areas on the highways, the number of pedestrians increases on such stretches and driving at high speeds can be dangerous.