Unconscious man inside a burning Tata Nexon rescued by alert people on road [Video]

Sometimes, because of alert people on the road, lives of other people are saved. Recently, a video showed exactly why being alert on the road is important and how it can save the lives of some people. A video was shared online where a person who became unconscious inside a Tata Nexon sub-compact SUV, which was about to get engulfed in fire, was saved. It highlights the importance of alertness, as the few people on the road saved this man from getting burnt alive.

Alert people avoided a car fire

The video of this incident has been shared on YouTube by Media VataKara News on their channel. In the video, a white-colored Tata Nexon sub-compact SUV can be seen parked on the side of a road. It can be noted that the interior of this car was completely filled with smoke. Soon after this, a man with a helmet on his hand was seen arriving near the car and trying to open the rear hatch of it. However, his attempt seemed to fail as it was locked.

This man then, without wasting any time, started hitting the driver side window with his helmet in order to open it. But the window did not break immediately. He also pulled the handle, but the door was locked from the inside, and he could not open the door. After this, he started smashing the front windshield of the car, which he did manage to break. Soon after this, smoke was sent escaping from the front windshield, and a few other men also joined in on the rescuing effort.

Unconscious man inside a burning Tata Nexon rescued by alert people on road [Video]

It can be noted that another man with a rock in his hand came to the car and started hitting the front driver-side window. However, it still did not break, so he immediately moved to the rear right door window, and it broke quickly. After this, another man was even breaking other windows for the smoke to escape. And soon after this, the rear door was opened, and the people were seen shouting to other men on the road to call a fire brigade to extinguish the fire.

Was there someone inside?

At the moment, who exactly was inside the car has not been reported. However, it has been found that a person was inside the car and was unconscious. It has also been reported that the man was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital. Now the exact reason for the person becoming unconscious has not been reported. It is being speculated that he might have gotten unconscious due to the fumes and the smoke that was inside the car.

Why was the car smoking?

Presently, there is no information on why exactly this car was smoking on the inside. However, there could be many reasons for it. More information on this incident is yet to come out. Most likely the main cause could have been an electric short circuit, but it is hard to say if this was the exact reason.

Unconscious man inside a burning Tata Nexon rescued by alert people on road [Video]

The alertness of people saved the car from burning.

Generally, if people around a vehicle are not alert at the time of such incidents of small fires, the suffering car becomes engulfed in fire in just a few moments. Thanks to men around this vehicle, they immediately noted that the car was on fire and started breaking the windows. Also, this helped in the rescue of the unconscious man inside as well, which if they did not attempt to rescue, would have succumbed to fire and died.