All-new 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe first drive review [Video]

Hyundai officially revealed the technical details of the all-new Santa Fe, which was launched in the global markets earlier this month. There is no news of the car coming to the Indian market in the future even though Hyundai launched the earlier model of the Santa Fe in the Indian market. Hyundai is currently exploring chances of launching their flagship – the Palisade in the Indian market but with the rising popularity of the SUVs and Hyundai’s latest model – the all-new Creta, we may get to see the all-new Santa Fe in a few years. What is the all-new Santa Fe is like? Well, here is a video review from South Korea, where Hyundai recently did a media drive.

The review done by Asian Petrolhead tells us all about the car. To start with, the video shows all the exterior details of the car. At the front, the video shows the headlamps system of the car. It gets a striking LED DRL that is split into two parts. The upper part of the DRL also acts as a turn indicator when activated. It really adds a cool factor to the car and makes it look much more futuristic. The front also gets a radar for various features like adaptive cruise control system.

On the side, it gets massive 20-inch rims that look quite amazing design-wise but busy. The Santa Fe offers three-row seating and to get inside, the second-row seat of the vehicle tumbles down. In the South Korean models, the switch to tumble down the seats is located on the right-hand side only. In the review, the person says that he’s 6 feet 2 inches and says that the room is quite good and there’s ample room. The second-row passengers also get window curtains and a lot of other features.

There are quite a few engine options available with the all-new Santa Fe but the one here is a 2.2-litre diesel that generates a maximum power of 202 PS and 441 Nm of peak torque. In the South Korean market, a 2.5-litre petrol engine is also available but there is no news of the hybrid but Hyundai may launch it soon in the market. Driving the car, the review says that the engine is smooth and pulls away nicely with a massive amount of low-end torque. Brakes are good too.

The all-new Santa Fe can be controlled through a remote and using it, the car can be driven forward to bring it out from cramped parking locations. There are a lot of other driving aids like a blindside monitoring system. There are two massive screens in the front with one forming the instrument cluster and the other one positioned as an infotainment system.