All-new 2023 Toyota Innova Crysta: What it’ll look like from the front & rear

Toyota will soon bring the all-new Innova Crysta to the Indian market. We have already seen car testing under heavy camouflage in many South-East Asian countries and India. New rendering images show what the all-new Innova Crysta may look like without a camouflage. Here there the details.

All-new 2023 Toyota Innova Crysta: What it’ll look like from the front & rear

The digital rendering is done by Andrafebriandesign. Just like the spy pictures, we can see that the new-age Toyota Innova Crysta will look much sleeker than before.

Innova Crysta design

All-new 2023 Toyota Innova Crysta: What it’ll look like from the front & rear

Starting from the front, the design rendering shows that the Innova Crysta gets sleeker headlamps, which are now more angularly positioned than before. These headlamps look as if they come with LED lights and L-shaped daytime running LEDs. What is also visible in the design rendering is that the front air dam on the bumper looks large and has slim-looking LED fog lamps on the bottom corners of the front bumper.

This design rendering of the Toyota Innova Crysta has a sleek looking chrome garnish which starts from the edge of the headlamp and goes all the way to the corners of the rear windscreen, through the window waistline. On the D-pillar, this chrome garnish becomes a bit thicker, to give the MPV the effect of having a floating roofline. The rear quarter glass has a triangular design towards the rear.

The door panels look smoother and unlike the doors of the current model on sale, have got a smooth looking curve on them, which emerge from the front fender and extend till the edge of the tail lamp. Below the squared wheel arches, there are 10-spoke grey alloy wheels.

At the rear, the design rendering of the Toyota Innova Crysta shows that it will get a broad rear fender, which accommodates a squared fuel filler cap. The side panels of the rear windscreen are finished in gloss black, while the rear windscreen here gets a roof-mounted rear spoiler. The tail lamps here seem like all-LED units, which have pointier extensions towards the rear fenders. The rear bumper seems to have a sporty look with reflectors mounted on the corners.

Both old and new models will sell

Toyota will sell both the new and current-generation variants of the Innova Crysta. At present, the price of the Innova Crysta starts near Rs 20 lakh. The all-new generation Innova Crysta is likely to be more expensive with the upgrades. Toyota will sell both cars to cater to different customer needs in the future.

In fact, Toyota plans to position the all-new Innova Crysta alongside the old model. This means that there will not be much difference in the price.

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