All-new Bajaj Pulsar 125 LS: What it could look like

Bajaj Auto is working on a new Pulsar range that’s set to debut sometime in 2019 or 2020. The new range of  motorcycles will span multiple engine capacities – 125 cc at the lower end to over 200 cc at the higher end. Here is a  speculatve IAB render that shows what the all-new, entry-level Bajaj Pulsar 125 LS could look like. This motorcycle  could replace the Bajaj Pular 135 LS as the brand’s entry-level Pulsar.

All-new Bajaj Pulsar 125 LS: What it could look like

As the render indicates, the Bajaj Pulsar 125 LS borrows many cues from the Pulsar 135 LS including the tank shrouds and a sharply raked up rear. However, the motorcycle looks smaller and narrower than the 135-cc version. It’s engine capacity will also be lower, and it remains to see which motor Bajaj Auto picks for the baby Pulsar. For now, there’s no clear indication from the company.

Bajaj Auto is likely to stick with an engine that displaces just under 125 cc as this would allow the baby Pulsar to  duck under the new ABS rule from the Indian government, which mandates that all two-wheelers with engine capacity over 125 cc have ABS as standard. Instead of a single channel ABS system, the Pulsar 125 LS will feature a combi-braking system, thus driving down costs significantly.

The new, 125-cc motorcycle is expected to ride on the extremely strong and aspirational Pulsar brand, giving buyers a  lower entry price point. We’re not sure if this strategy will actually translate into more sales as the Pulsar 135 LS  experiment has proven that a cheaper version of a strong brand doesn’t necessarily bring in big numbers. We’ve  already seen aspirational brands like the iPhone fail with cheaper variants like the iPhone 5C. So, the Pulsar 125 LS  may turn out to be a big gamble after all.

What Pulsar fans will be actually excited about is the number of changes the new range is likely to get. From fuel  injection, ABS and liquid-cooled engines to monoshock suspension, the entire range of Pulsars sold in India are set  to get a revamp. This revamp is meant to inject more excitement and technology into the Bajaj Pulsar range, keeping it relevant in a fast-changing motorcycle market. The new platform is also expected to be electric powertrain-ready with an eye on the future.