All-new BMW M5 leaked ahead of global launch

BMW recently unveiled the all-new G30 5 Series, however they hadn’t updated the performance variant, the M5. The vehicle has been leaked ahead of its global launch today.

So what do we know?

All-new BMW M5 leaked ahead of global launch

According to leaked information, the new M5 will be powered by a 4.4 liter V8 that will produce a colossal 603 Bhp and 850 Nm. However there is no confirmation on these figures as of now. One thing that is known is that it will make over 600 Bhp and will do 0-100 in less than 3.5 seconds. The main highlight of the M5 has to be the fact that the latest iteration will come with 4-wheel drive. Till now, the M5 has always been rear wheel driven, making it very tail happy.

This will be the first M vehicle (other than the SUVs) to have the all-wheel drive unit. It will come with 3 driving modes, 4wd, 4wd sport and 2wd. The car can be made full rear wheel drive as well in the 2wd driving mode.

Here is a video showcasing the car:

The suspension of the new M5 will get adaptive damping. The vehicle looks more sporty and mean as compared to the normal G30 5 Series, as expected. It has undergone massive weigh reduction with the new vehicle now weighing 65 kgs less than older version.

The interiors will be like that on the new 5 Series, which means it will have a digital instrument cluster, the new touch screen iDrive system, a new gear lever, the new M steering wheel and it will also have more sporty interior trim options.

The vehicle will take on the recently launched Mercedes E63 AMG.

All official details of the vehicle will be known today, when the official launch takes place. This current video was leaked by a Chinese website and shows the car driving.

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