All-new electric sportsbike built in India from ground up looks SICK


Here is an all-new electric motorcycle that has been built in India. The motorcycle has been built from the ground up by 4rge bikes. The motorcycle is built by Vikram Mishra, Arnab Banerji and Ganesh Mishra. It took them 14 months to build it. The motorcycle has been named M2. The design of the motorcycle looks like a modern take of a cafe racer because of its up-swept seat and a bulky fuel tank which obviously does not contain fuel because the motorcycle is powered by an electric powertrain. The pictures have been shared by Vikram Mishra via his Facebook page.

The motorcycle comes with a dual-paint job. While the upper body of the motorcycle is finished in a matte green paint job. This has been done because it goes with the tan brown single-piece seat. The lower portion of the motorcycle has been finished in glossy paint job which gives the motorcycle a stealthy look. The alloy wheels of the motorcycle are finished in green, which goes with other green elements of the motorcycle such as the frame and other bits.

In the front, we can see a circular headlamp that comes with LED elements and lighting. This helps in maintaining the retro cafe racer look while offering the advantage of LED lighting. From the side, the motorcycle looks that it is from the future. It gets a full fairing that not only helps in smoothing the airflow but also covers up the mechanical bits of the motorcycle such as the battery, electric motor and other bits. At the rear, we can see that nothing interrupts the free-flowing design of the motorcycle. This gives the seat a floating effect which looks quite attractive. The turn indicators are very sleek looking LED units. The brake light is also a small LED unit giving a retro effect to the motorcycle. It gets an attractive looking swingarm with a chain drive that sits on the left side of the motorcycle. The motorcycle is offered with a single-piece handlebar instead of clip-on handlebars.

Braking duties are handled by a disc brake in the front and a disc brake at the rear. Suspension duties are done by upside-down forks in the front and a mono-shock at the rear. Some people might think that the rake angle of the motorcycle is too steep and the motorcycle might not handle well. But Vikram clarifies that this has been done to keep the wheelbase under control which in return helps the motorcycle in handling well.

The vehicle is still in its prototype stage. The motorcycle weighs 196 kgs which seems like a lot but remembers that it is an electric vehicle and the motor can produce all of its torque instantaneously. It is powered by a 10 kWh lithium-ion battery that powers an axial flux motor. The motor runs twin stage transverse drive which in turn runs a chain drive that is connected to the rear wheel.

Under constant load, the motorcycle produces 18 kW which roughly translates to 24 bhp of peak power. However, under peak load, it produces 24 kW which translates to 32 bhp of max power. This power output stays for 20 seconds and comes in handy when you have to overtake or you need a sudden burst of acceleration.

It has a range of 175 km on a single charge and the tested top speed of the motorcycle is 104 kmph. Vikram and his team are still developing the motorcycle which is under a prototype stage. They will be further improving the motorcycle and it will be interesting to see what all changes his team can bring to this already great-looking motorcycle.