All-new Honda Jazz revealed; Launch in India likely in 2020

Honda has officially revealed the all-new, fourth-generation Jazz at the Tokyo Motor Show. The all-new hatchback now looks completely different from the previous version of the Jazz, which is still available in India. The new Jazz will go on sale in February next year in the international markets and is likely to be launched in the Indian market later in the year.

All-new Honda Jazz revealed; Launch in India likely in 2020

The all-new Jazz offers some of the quirkiest styling bits all over. Honda has completely changed the front-end of the vehicle that now does not offer a contrasting grille. The hood now extends to form the front grille of the car. Also, the new headlamps of the all-new Jazz are much bigger and offer full LED set-up. There are elements inside the headlamps that add a sense of style and gives it a new identity.

Honda mentions that the new Jazz has been designed to offer maximum visibility. Parts like the A-pillars and the bonnet have been completely re-drawn on a blank page. Also, Jazz has become curvier than before and the windscreen is more slanted than the current version of the vehicle. The overall outline of the Jazz, however, remains the same.

All-new Honda Jazz revealed; Launch in India likely in 2020

As always, Honda has followed the “Man maximum, machine minimum” design philosophy with the all-new Jazz. It offers a huge cabin space with a high ceiling. As per Honda, the all-new Jazz has been designed to offer the comfort level of premium sedans. Also, the unique magic seats of the Jazz have been retained. However, the Indian model does not get the Magic seats but we do hope that they come back with the all-new model. The split tail lamps of the all-new Jazz are sleek and get LED lamps inside.

The cabin has also been upgraded with the latest technology and features. The design of the dashboard remains quite simple and it gets the new Honda Connect system, which allows the owner to track the vehicle in real-time and also allows the owner to set the climate control system remotely. There are quite a few other features that can be controlled remotely.

All-new Honda Jazz revealed; Launch in India likely in 2020

The new Honda Jazz gets the new hybrid powertrain that is similar to the Honda CR-V hybrid, which is sold in the international markets. For the Honda Jazz, the system has been reworked and scaled-down. The all-new Honda Jazz is likely to get the 1.5-litre petrol engine that will work in sync with two electric motors. Also, Honda is likely to offer the high-performance 1.0-litre turbocharged petrol engines in the international market.

The same powertrain will also be available with the next-generation Honda City, which is scheduled to be launched in the Indian market next year. Honda is likely to launch the all-new Jazz alongside the all-new City in the Indian market.

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