All-new Hyundai Creta modified inside out: Gets a MASSIVE amplifier [Video]

Hyundai launched the all-new Creta in the market earlier this year and it quickly became popular among the buyers. Within a short span of time, Hyundai received over 1.15 lakh bookings for Creta. Aftermarket accessories and modification kits for the new Creta have also started coming in the market and we have seen couple of examples of modified examples of the same in the past. We have featured many modified Cretas on our website and here we have a video that shows a base trim Hyundai Creta modified both on the outside and inside.

The video has been uploaded by Beegroo Music Series on their youtube channel. The video starts by showing the exterior of the SUV. As mentioned above, the car used for this purpose is a base trim Creta which comes with absolutely no features. The owner has gone for phantom black colour for the SUV. The owner of this car has gone for a black and golden dual tone treatment for the car.

The black side cladding, silver lighting arc were all given a golden finish. The base variant comes with steel rims and those were replaced with multi spoke alloy wheels which again golden in colour. Even the brake calipers, Lower part of the front and rear bumper are also given a golden touch.

That is all about the exterior. Major changes done to this SUV are on the inside. The whole cabin has been reworked and it now gives a much more plush and premium feeling. It gets a faux wooden inserts on the dashboard, centre console and door pads. A, B and C Pillar get brown cladding that goes well with overall brown theme of the cabin. The roof has been removed and gets a soft velvet fabric and the seats get brown covers with comfortable cushioning for all the seats. The steering wheel has also been stitched with brown material.

Apart from that there is an aftermarket 10.1 inch touchscreen infotainment screen and has 4 speaker, 4 tweeter setup with a huge 18 inch sub-woofer installed inside the boot. The exterior of the car looks decent but, there is a chance that some of our readers might find the interiors a bit overdone. Modification of customisation is done to a vehicle to give it a bit more personal touch and everyone has a different taste. That is why many will have different opinions about this modification.