All-new Hyundai i20: 5 features it offers that even the Verna, Venue & Creta don’t

The latest addition to the Hyundai’s line up is the i20 which is a premium hatchback offering from the manufacturer. The new i20 is all-new from the ground-up. It is based on a new platform, it gets some new engines, transmissions and features. The 2020 i20 is longer and wider than the previous model. While the height of the hatchback is not changed, it does see a 10 mm increase in wheelbase due to the new platform. This has liberated more knee room and shoulder room for the rear occupants. The new Hyundai i20 starts from Rs. 6.79 lakhs ex-showroom and goes all the way upto Rs. 11.32 lakhs ex-showroom.

All-new Hyundai i20: 5 features it offers that even the Verna, Venue & Creta don’t

As we can see that the price of the new i20 is much expensive than other premium hatchbacks that are in a competition such as Tata Altroz, Maruti Suzuki Baleno, Toyota Glanza and Honda Jazz. The new i20’s price is near some other compact-SUVs, sedans and even some mid-size SUVs. Due to this, it has become difficult for Hyundai to justify its price tag. However, Hyundai says that one of the reasons for the higher price tag is the features that the Hyundai i20 now comes equipped with. Hyundai is generally known to offer a lot of equipment with their cars but with the 2020 i20 they have knocked it out of the park. The i20 is easily the most equipped premium hatchback that you can get currently in the Indian market. It is offering so much equipment that even some of its siblings like the Venue, Verna and the Creta also does not offer. So, today we list down five features that you can find on the Hyundai i20 but are missing on the Hyundai Venue, Verna and the Creta.

Wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity have become an important feature while making a decision of buying a new car. However, considering that the phone sizes kept on increasing it has become difficult for the car manufacturers to make ample storage space tray for your mobile device. This is where wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay come into play. You can connect your mobile phone wirelessly to the Android Auto or the Apple CarPlay and keep your mobile phone in your pocket or the central console.

All-new Hyundai i20: 5 features it offers that even the Verna, Venue & Creta don’t

One added benefit is lack of wire so there will be no wirings hanging around your central console which will be a much cleaner look. This feature is currently not available in any other vehicles of Hyundai.

Smart Pedal

All-new Hyundai i20: 5 features it offers that even the Verna, Venue & Creta don’t

The smart pedal is a piece of new safety equipment that has been added to the i20. What it essentially does is cut off the throttle input when the driver presses the accelerator pedal and brake pedal simultaneously. So, in such a scenario only brakes are applied and the car can slow down instead of increasing its speed.

OTA Map updates

While most of the people have started using Android Auto or Apple CarPlay instead of the inbuilt navigation system that comes with the touchscreen infotainment system of the car, some people still are using the navigation systems that are build-in. The major drawback of the inbuilt navigation systems is that their maps need to be updated. To do this you need to take your vehicle to the service centre and they can update the maps for you. However, with the i20 this is changed, Hyundai is offering map updates through over the air. So, you don’t need to go anywhere to update the maps of your navigation system. The car can update the maps itself when it is connected to the internet whenever Hyundai releases a new update.

All-new Hyundai i20: 5 features it offers that even the Verna, Venue & Creta don’t

BlueLink buttons (SOS, RSA, BlueLink) on IRVM

Hyundai has offered its BlueLink connected car technology with the i20 which means it can do things like geofencing, speed alert, finding the car location, remote engine start/stop, remote climate control and much more. However, these are the things that other Hyundai vehicles can also do. What Hyundai has added specifically to the i20 is the placement of some emergency buttons below the inside rearview mirror. There are buttons for SOS, Road Side Assistance and BlueLink. So, if you press these the i20 can directly dial and connect them for you.

Wireless charger with cooling pad

All-new Hyundai i20: 5 features it offers that even the Verna, Venue & Creta don’t

Hyundai was the first manufacturer to bring wireless charging pads to the Indian market and then slowly most of the manufacturers caught up. However, with the i20, the manufacturer has upped its game by offering a wireless charger with a cooling pad. As we know that a mobile phone can get warm when they are charged wirelessly. So, to avoid that there is a vent placed just behind the charging pad that keeps on blowing cool air on the phone ensuring that the phone does not get dangerously hot.