All-new Hyundai Santro being unloaded at dealer: Spied inside-out on video

The Hyundai Santro is undoubtedly one of the most awaited cars in the Indian market. Hyundai officially released a few details about the upcoming Santro and also released a couple of images that show how the all-new hatchback will look like in the production form.

Hyundai will launch the all-new Hyundai Santro on 23rd October and has also started taking the bookings officially. The dealerships across India have also started receiving the new Santro for the deliveries. Here is a video that shows the arrival of all-new Santro at a dealership and reveals the car completely from the inside and outside.

The Hyundai Santro seen here is unloading from a truck at a dealership stockyard. The vehicle gets tapes to hide the grille and the logo but rest of the body remains uncovered. The side video of the all-new Santro reminds the shape of the discontinued Hyundai i10. Interestingly, the Santro gets the same platform under the body. The overall tallboy shape of the car reminds a lot about of the i10 too.

The video further shows the dashboard with the touchscreen infotainment system and the glove box. At the rear, the video shows the segment-first air vents too. It people in the vehicle also fold the rear seat, which reveals that there is no 40:60 split.

The all-new Santro will be available at an introductory price for the first 50,000 customers. The price of the hatchback is expected to start from Rs. 3.87 lakhs while the top end will be priced at Rs. 4.31 lakhs. It is not an official price announced by Hyundai but are the leaked prices.

All-new Hyundai Santro being unloaded at dealer: Spied inside-out on video

Hyundai will use the 1.1-litre 4-cylinder petrol engine to power the Santro. It is the same engine that used to power the i10 but it has been tuned for the new vehicle. The engine churns out a maximum power of 69 PS and a peak torque of 99 Nm. Hyundai will not offer a diesel engine with the Santro.

It is also the first time that Hyundai will introduce the Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) automatic transmission. Hyundai will offer a CNG version of the vehicle that will churn out a maximum of 57 PS and 77 Nm. The car will get standard features like ABS+EBD, speed alert system, seatbelt reminder, reverse parking sensors and ISOFIX child seat mounts.


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