All-new Kia Seltos Facelift compared with the previous generation Seltos [Video]

The South Korean automotive giant Kia recently launched its latest iteration of its highly popular mid-size SUV the Seltos. Packed with impressive features and a brand-new sleek design, the new Seltos has been making waves in the market since its debut. Now, to add more excitement to the mix, a video has surfaced online, offering viewers an insightful side-by-side comparison of the old Seltos and the new facelifted model. The video shows the differences between both the models in detail.

The video of the Kia Seltos old vs. new facelifted model has been shared on YouTube by MR Cars on their channel. It starts with the presenter comparing the front-end designs of the old and the new model. He mentions that in the previous model, the company offered a smaller grille with a geometric design in glossy black. He added that the old car also had smaller LED DRLs that did not extend to the grille.

After this, he showed the three-pod ice cube LED fog lamps. Moving to the newer model, he shows that the new car gets a much larger grille with a more aggressive gloss black design. He then adds that the DRLs are much deeper and have three strikes. Lastly, he mentions that the front bumper has also been fully redesigned and now features a much larger silver skid at the bottom.

All-new Kia Seltos Facelift compared with the previous generation Seltos [Video]

Following the front, the presenter then shows the side profile of the car and mentions that not much has been changed in the new facelifted Seltos, and it looks pretty much identical to the old car. He adds that the only few changes on the side profile are the alloy wheels, which are also of the same size (17 inches) but have a slightly updated design.

He notes that the major change in the newer car is the addition of a panoramic sunroof in place of the old single-pane unit. Next up, he shows the rear of the car and mentions that a lot has been changed in the rear-end design of the new Seltos. He added that the rear taillights have been completely redesigned and now boast a squarer appearance, and they are now connected from end to end. He also shows the newly designed rear bumper with a silver skid plate as the difference between the two models.

Moving on, the presenter then shows the rear boots of both cars and mentions that the space remains the same. After this, he first shows the interior of the previous-gen Seltos and mentions that although it is now the older car, it does not look that outdated and still feels premium. He added that the car already came fairly equipped with all the creature comforts and safety features.

All-new Kia Seltos Facelift compared with the previous generation Seltos [Video]

He then shows the interior layout of the new facelifted model and states that it might not seem like much has changed, but there are indeed a lot of changes. He mentions that the biggest change is that the car now gets a digital instrument cluster encased in the same curved panel that houses the new infotainment screen. He added that the car now also gets dual-zone climate control and a panoramic sunroof as mentioned earlier.

The presenter then adds that currently, the old Seltos can be bought from dealerships with discounts in the range of Rs 1.7-1.8 lakh. Moving on to the powertrain side of things, under the hood, the Seltos offers a range of engine options. The 1.5-liter naturally aspirated petrol engine delivers 115 PS of power, while the 1.5-liter diesel engine offers the same power output along with greater torque. The new 1.5-liter turbocharged petrol engine, borrowed from the Carens, impresses with 160 PS of power. Transmission choices include manual, iMT, torque converter, CVT, and dual-clutch automatic.

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