All-new Land Rover Defender off roading in India shows why it’s such a legend

Off-roading is not actually an adventure sport that we Indians are familiar with. We do have a soft corner for SUVs in India but, only a small portion of customers who buy an SUV actually explore its capabilities. The SUVs are generally bought in India for its butch looks and road presence and ground clearance.

We now have several SUV or 4×4 owners group who arrange off-road trips in several parts of the country. Here we have one such video where the all-new Defender can be seen showing off its off-road capabilities along with other SUVs like Ford Endeavour, Toyota Fortuner, Isuzu V-Cross.

The video has been uploaded by Anshuman Bishnoi on his YouTube channel. The video shows bunch of SUVs off-roading. The group consist of SUVs like Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavour , Maruti Gypsy, Mahindra Thar (old gen), Toyota Land Cruiser, Isuzu V-Cross and one Land Rover Defender.

Video starts by showing a steep incline that Defender is planning to climb. It has a host of electronic aids that helps it while off-roading. The driver starts driving towards the steep climb slowly and then at the bumper starts rubbing against the surface and the driver was asked to stop and go back. Mud was removed from that portion using a shovel. Once that was done, the SUV smoothly climbs up.

All-new Land Rover Defender off roading in India shows why it’s such a legend

Once Defender had come up, all the other SUVs like V-Cross, Fortuner, Endeavour, Gypsy, Thar came up too. From there, the group moved towards lot more challenging obstacles. Meanwhile, the vlogger shows how one can electrically adjust the height to increase the ground clearance in a Defender. The SUV even has a mode to increase the ground clearance if it gets stuck in the highest setting.

Defender then faced all the other obstacle with suspension set to the highest setting. It smoothly crawled up several broken tracks and it also cleared way for many other SUVs. The vlogger was pretty impressed with the electronics on this SUV. The Land Rover Defender has a very intelligent traction control system that was continuously helping it get out without getting stuck.

There were some obstacles where the driver had to try several times before clearing it but, they were all quite challenging and the Defender was in stock unlike some other SUVs in the group. Some SUVs like the Toyota Land Cruiser which was modified to look like a Lexus could not even finish some of the obstacles because it was too wide for the track.

Overall, the all-new Land Rover Defender is a very capable off-road and it showed off its capabilities in this video. Land Rover Defender got launched in India last year after its global launch. The SUV is available is 90 and 110 versions and it comes with both petrol and diesel engine options. 90 is the 3-door version whereas the 110 is the 5-door version.

The one seen here in the video is a 5-door version with a 2.0 litre turbocharged petrol engine. The engine generates 300 Ps and 400 Nm of peak torque. It is entirely different from the older version of the SUV.