All-new Mahindra Thar goes through a stream without a snorkel

Mahindra launched the all-new Thar in October 2020 and it has gained massive popularity in the market. The Thar, which has now become better in every aspect compared to the last-generation version has a waiting period of several months almost across the country. Mahindra has delivered a few thousand Thars till now and the adventurers are taking it to various places. We have already seen the Thar going through heavy snow, bashing sand dunes and now this is a video that shows it crossing a stream.

The exact location of this video is not known but it looks like a weekend meet-up of the Thar owners. The old-generation Thar is parked on the stones patch of the river too. The video is shared by Mehul Rajvanshi in the Mahindra Thar 4X4 group. The video shows the all-new Thar that gets a few aftermarket accessories going through the puddles of the stream. The black coloured Thar first goes through a small patch of water and then the big puddle that almost swallows the vehicle.

All-new Mahindra Thar goes through a stream without a snorkel

The left front wheel of the Thar hits the dip and it goes quite deep but then come out with momentum. You should note that the aftermarket accessories list on the Thar does not contain a snorkel. It is in stock form when it comes to air intake. It is quite easy for the water to enter the air intake but Mehul says in the comments that there is no need for a snorkel if there’s enough speed and the patch is relatively small. We think that carrying higher speed increases the chance of water entering the air intake due to the splash. Nonetheless, the Thar did not stop or got hydrostatically locked.

Water wading in Thar

Water wading in Thar or any other vehicle should be done with extreme care. Water wading, when the water starts to touch the front bumper of the vehicle becomes dangerous. One should always go slower to keep the still as much as possible and keep it away from the air intake. While we cannot confirm the driver of the Thar knew about the dip and the water level beforehand but at lower speeds, the car could have got stuck in the dip. It carried momentum and came out. For a normal vehicle, a dip in a flooded road can cause a lot of problems but Thar is not a normal vehicle and it is made for off-roading.

The water wading level of the all-new Mahindra Thar is 650mm, which is massive. It is a good height for water wading. The Toyota Fortuner, which is a much bigger and taller vehicle compared to the Thar has a water wading ability at 700mm. With a snorkel, the wading ability can be increased even more. Since the all-new Thar offers water repellant interiors, it sure can take a few splashes inside the cabin when needed. So the all-new Thar is a very capable vehicle.