After the flying 2020 Mahindra Thar, here’s the diving Thar

The all-new Mahindra Thar was unveiled on 74th Independence Day of India and it is all set to be launched on 2nd October. But before that, Mahindra has been handing out the all-new Thar for the reviews and sometimes, while testing the absolute limit of the Thar, disastrous images have surfaced. While many of you may remember the flying Thar, which became viral a few days ago, here is another image of the all-new Thar being pushed to the limits! This time, it has gone partially under water, and is stuck there.

After the flying 2020 Mahindra Thar, here’s the diving Thar

We are not sure about the original source of this image but this is becoming viral on the social media platforms too. The SUV is resting inside a lake or a stagnant water body and we are not sure about the location. It seems to have water-locked after going deep in the water. It is a dangerous place for the vehicle as entering water body or a waterlogged road may cause massive damage to your vehicle’s engine and other mechanical parts. Also, since modern vehicles are all about electronics, even the ECU can get short-circuited and that’s a major repair costing quite a much.

Improved water wading

All the new Mahindra Thar SUVs are in stock condition and according to Mahindra, the water-wading capability of the all-new Mahindra Thar has increased by 100mm over the last-generation SUV. The all-new Mahindra Thar offers water wading ability of 650mm, which is quite a lot but not clearly enough for such situations. While you may have seen the older, first-generation Thar going through some serious water depth successfully, it does not mean that the all-new Thar is less capable compared to the older version. Most off-roading enthusiasts modify their vehicles to make them more capable and many also install snorkel that increases the water wading capability immensely. With larger tyres and lift kit, the water wading capability further increases.

There are many aftermarket garages who have started developing the aftermarket parts for the all-new Thar and we are sure that we will get to see modified versions soon after the delivery begins. A snorkel is installed to increase the height of the air-intake of an SUV. It is extremely important if you plan to do serious off-roading and wade through water level that is deeper than your knee or the half of the height of the wheels.

Can you avoid such situations?

The primary objective while doing serious off-roading is to save the vehicle more than anything else. While there are many enthusiasts to go for weekend off-roading sessions on the same location and are well-aware of the obstacles, it is extremely important to take extreme caution while exploring unknown places and trails. A stuck vehicle or a breakdown can make you stranded for hours, which is why you need to take extreme cautions. It is always important to walk the obstacle if you’re not sure about what lies ahead. Observing while walking the trail will ensure that you do not venture out to places that seem dangerous and can make your vehicle stuck. Another important pointer that will help you to go through smoothly on an unknown trail is to engage 4X4 before entering an obstacle. Also, it is important to have another vehicle that can recover you if you get stuck.

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