All new Maruti Suzuki Jimny EV: What it’ll look like [Video]

The lifestyle off-roader Jimny five-door from the country’s largest carmaker Maruti Suzuki India Limited has been in talks for a while now and following its unveiling at the Auto Expo 2023, it has received a tremendous response in the country. But as the future is heading toward electric mobility it was reported that the company will most likely launch an electrified version of the SUV and reports of which also emerged just a few weeks ago. As of yet we do not know what the Jimny Electric would look like but a recently rendered video of the Jimny EV helps us to imagine what it may resemble.

The video of the behind-the-scenes of creating a render of an upcoming car was shared by one country’s many talented digital artists SRK Designs. In the video, the artist starts off at the front with the modification of the grille of the Jimny EV. He shuts off the grille slats with grey color because EVs do not require heavy cooling inlets in the front. He then adds a different lower front bumper that comes equipped with off-road specific shackles that are used to pull out the vehicle in case of a sticky situation.

Following this he then adds, a new design for the alloy wheels to the front and rear wheels of the car and then paints the grille to the body color. Later he adds a charging outlet and cable to the position where the standard fuel door is situated in the car. He then highlights the gaps of the car to make it look as real as possible and finally gives the car a two tone paint job with Blue on top and White on bottom section.

All new Maruti Suzuki Jimny EV: What it’ll look like [Video]

As mentioned it was recently reported that the company is also in the process of developing an all-electric version of the Jimny as well. Both SUVs have been positively accepted by buyers in the country. Nevertheless, the new Jimny EV’s plans won’t be implemented for a few more years; it’s scheduled to be on sale in 2026.

The three-door Jimny EV will reportedly be introduced by the Japanese automaker in Europe first, where the ICE three-door Jimny is now available. Following this the five-door Jimny EV will then finally be introduced by the company in India. About the design and technical specifications of the upcoming EV SUV, not much is known at this time.

According to rumors, the Jimny EV’s electric motor might use a 60kWh battery similar to the one seen in the eVX concept, a vehicle that will compete with the Hyundai Creta EV and was displayed at Auto Expo. There are also rumors that the corporation could equip this EV SUV with two electric motors. both at the front and the back. The front and rear axles could each accommodate one of these motors.

All new Maruti Suzuki Jimny EV: What it’ll look like [Video]

It is believed that packing the battery in a ladder on a frame SUV will be a difficult task for the engineers of the Indo-Japanese brand. Furthermore, the already compact size of the Jimny, which is now one of the main benefits of the SUV, might cause a tremendous problem for the engineers as it becomes more difficult to put the battery pack in the SUV. There are no ladder-on-frame EV SUVs, but constructing one with that many limitations will be a challenge for the corporation.

In order to fit a larger battery, the company may place the battery pack within the frame. It could also employ a double-decker structure to pack the larger battery effectively for a longer range. Another way Maruti Suzuki engineers may increase the battery capacity of the EV SUV would be to try to imitate what Toyota accomplished with its newly announced electric Hilux truck. Maruti might put a protector underneath the battery and place it below the frame, however, the major issue with this is the ground clearance. If the manufacturer wishes to preserve the SUV’s key selling feature that it has a higher ground clearance, it would have to lift the vehicle.

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