All-new Nissan Micra will make it to India in 2019

The Micra has been on sale for a few years now, but there hasn’t been any real update which it has got. Globally, there is an all-new Nissan Micra which is on sale and that is expected to be coming to the Indian market in 2019, if this report by Autocar India is to be believed.

All-new Nissan Micra will make it to India in 2019

The Indian market sees a different story though, where the older Micra is still on sale. Yes, it has had a facelift which changed the looks and then there was the addition of a new model, but that took place a while back as well. A few months back, the company introduced the new 2017 version which had new trim levels, new variants and new colour options, but that’s about it.

While the new Micra is based on the V-platform in the international market, the same is not going to be the case in India. Renault Nissan have made it very clear that all their new products will be based on the CMF platform, which means the new Micra for India will also be based on the same platform. While it was previously unclear if the vehicle would look like the one on sale in the international market, this report confirms that the vehicle will look similar to the on that is on sale in the global markets.

The new Micra is a very good looking product and is a major evolution over the existing one, who’s round styling didn’t appeal to all. The company will also be working on the sedan version of the Micra based on the same CMF platform.

Since the CMF platform is heavily localized, priced will be kept competitive. The new 1.5 liter petrol engine from the Duster could also be on offer on the Sunny and Micra. The report surprisingly mentions that the vehicle will not get a diesel version, however the petrol will get a manual and a CVT.