All-new Renault Duster mid-size SUV: Launch timeframe revealed

The rumors surrounding the newest generation of the mid-size SUV, Duster, from the French automaker, Renault, are intensifying. Recently, another report claimed that the company is planning to launch the new generation of the Duster officially by Diwali 2025. Additionally, six months after the launch of this new model, the company will follow it up with a seven-seater version as well. The new SUV will most likely be powered by a petrol engine, and sadly no plans for diesel and hybrid powertrains are on the cards, said the sources.

All-new Renault Duster mid-size SUV: Launch timeframe revealed

According to a source close to Autocar Professional who remains anonymous, “The first model based on the CMF-B platform is likely to hit the road in Diwali 2025. It is likely to be the new-generation Duster from Renault and a Creta rival from Nissan too around the same time. Within six months, a longer version of these models will be launched – around the middle of June 2026.”

Furthermore, it was also reported that as neither of the two OEMs intends to localize a diesel or hybrid powertrain, the midsize SUVs are expected to be propelled by petrol engines. The alliance partners may import the kit and sell it as a top-of-the-line variation following an extensive review of the India market need for a hybrid powertrain in the next two years and in the case of potential for excellent traction of electrified cars. Hybrids, however, are not currently being planned for localization.

Additionally, it has been reported that the Franco-Japanese alliance Renault Nissan has started working on projects P1311-R and P-1312-R, which are codenames for the B+ and C-segment SUVs for Renault, as well as P1311-N and P-1312-N, which are Nissan vehicles aimed at the same market. By 2026, the alliance partners aim to produce 150,000 units annually of all four cars at the Chennai factory of Renault Nissan Automotive India Pvt Ltd (RNAIPL), for both local and international markets.

All-new Renault Duster mid-size SUV: Launch timeframe revealed

According to other sources familiar with the company’s motives, the alliance partners anticipate producing and selling around 350,000 units annually by 2026. The yearly production capacity of the RNAIPL factory, which is 480,000 units per year, is currently underutilized by close to 50%. According to SIAM data, the facility produced 198,545 units in the first 11 months of FY2023, of which 87,375 were for Nissan Motor India and 111,170 were for Renault India.

Just a few days ago, a set of new spy shots of the forthcoming Duster being tested in Australia surfaced online. The spy shots of the next-gen Duster confirmed that the model would be based on the Bigster concept. The SUV will get a muscular appearance from the front, sides, and rear and boasts the proportions of a perfect SUV. At the front, it will inherit the Bigster’s front-end styling, which will include the Renault logo when launched in India instead of the Dacia moniker. Air intakes on each side of the front bumper, and narrow LED daytime running lights were also noted in the spy shots. As mentioned, the new Duster will be based on Renault-Nissan’s new CMF-B platform.

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