All-new Tata Safari Adventure Persona gets a fresh TVC

Tata announced the price of the all-new Safari yesterday. Tata has also introduced the Adventure Persona variant of the Safari, which is only available in the top-end variant. It offers a few unique visual changes that make it stand out in the crowd. Here is a TVC of the all-new Safari Adventure Persona.

In the advertisement, Tata Motors is showing how Safari has changed but still carries the same DNA. They even used a theme song, which is similar to the older Safari. The advert shows three friends exploring the Indian terrains with Safari.

What is Tata Safari Adventure Persona?

All-new Tata Safari Adventure Persona gets a fresh TVC

It is a special edition of the Safari just like the Harrier’s Camo Edition and Dark Edition. The Adventure Persona edition of Safari is free of any kind of chrome. It gets gloss black finishes that Tata likes to call Granite Black. Tata has also added the special “Tropical Mist” sky blue shade to the Adventure Persona. Tata explains that the shade is inspired by nature and with the blacked-out alloy rims, it does look quite good on the car.

The grille, door handles, headlamp inserts, window line, badging and roof rails also get the contrasting gunmetal grey shade instead of the chrome. Tata has even blacked out the silver faux skid plates at the front and rear of the vehicle.

While the cabin also gets a nature-inspired colour theme. The standard Safari gets Orca White colours but the Adventure Persona version gets black and brown cabin inspired by the sand in the desert. The upholstery and the door pads get a light brown shade. The dashboard of the vehicle gets an all-black theme with new dark chrome and piano black trims. The central console gets also gets brown inserts. There are only visual changes in the Safari Adventure Persona and mechanically it remains exactly similar to the standard Safari. There are even no changes to the feature’s list.

No mechanical changes

All-new Tata Safari Adventure Persona gets a fresh TVC

The Safari Adventure Persona does not have any mechanical changes. It gets powered by the same 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel engine that generates a maximum power of 170 PS and peak torque of 350 Nm. It gets both automatic and manual transmission but there is no AWD or 4X4 option available with the car. Tata offers the same 14 function ESP that can change the modes and also adds more safety features to the vehicle.

Tata only offers the Adventure Persona with the top-end XZ+ and XZA+ trims. The manual version is priced at Rs 20.20 lakh while the automatic version is priced at Rs 21.45 lakh. With only a hike of Rs 21,000, the Safari Adventure Persona will surely attract a lot of buyers.