All-new Tata Safari compared with Safari Storme

Tata Safari has been one of the most iconic names in the Indian automotive industry. Some people did have a different opinion when the 2021 Safari was revealed recently. That is because it is a monocoque chassis and it is only offered with a front-wheel-drive configuration. Whereas, the Safari name brand has been associated with its capabilities and ruggedness. All the Safari’s before the latest one were rear-wheel drive and came with 4×4 drivetrain. Due to which many people have started comparing the new Safari with the Safari Storme which was the previous iteration of Safari which was discontinued in 2019. Here is a video uploaded by PITSTOP on their YouTube channel in which the person compares the 2021 Safari to the 2014 Safari Storme.


The vlogger first starts with the looks of both the SUVs. He says that the Safari Storme has that old school rugged looks and he also points out that the Safari Storme is much taller than the 2021 Safari, but it is the new Safari that is wider than the previous one which leads to more cabin space. Where the previous Safari feels raw and rugged the new one is more towards looking premium. He then talks about the side profile in which the Safari Storme gets 16-inch wheels whereas the 2021 Safari gets 18-inch wheels. He shows us the outside rearview mirrors of both the SUVs which are finished in black and get LED turn indicators on them.

Then he states that in Safari Storme, you would have to climb in and use the side steps whereas in the 2021 Safari, the ingress is relatively easier. He showcases the design of the rear quarter window of the Safari Storme and then shows 2021 Safari’s quarter window that tries to mimic the look of the original Safari. The rear profile of both Safaris is compared. The Safari Storme gets the side-hinged rear door and side facing two seats, whereas the 2021 Safari gets a conventional boot lid and 50:50 split front-facing seats.

All-new Tata Safari compared with Safari Storme

Now, the vlogger talks about the interior of both the SUVs. The first thing that he notes out after climbing into Safari Storme’s interior is the commanding view that the driver gets. It gets a chunky steering wheel, tall gear lever, manually adjustable seats that are comfortable, a manual instrument cluster and a manual handbrake. The interior is finished in a dual-tone black and beige theme.

He then gets into the 2021 Safari and says that there is a light-year of difference. The seats get a white colour which vlogger says can be difficult to maintain. The Safari gets drive modes, terrain response system and 6-speed manual gearbox. He says that everything about the new Safari is more modern and more premium when compared to the old one. But the 2021 Safari misses out on that commanding driving position because of the lower seating position. However, the seating position is still higher than other SUVs. Then he shifts to the rear seats of the SUVs where he says that the new Safari feels more luxurious than the old one.

When it comes to driving, the Safari Store takes bad patches of the road very easily and there is enough grunt and power from the engine. The 2021 Safari feels a lot luxurious, composed and the engine is also torquey and fun to drive. Then he brings the owner of Safari Storme. The owner says that the SUV has completed more than 1 lakh kilometres and he has never faced any mechanical issues.