10 reasons why the new Tata Safari makes more sense than Harrier!

Tata launched the all-new Safari in the Indian market today. Announcing the prices, Tata will also start delivering the vehicles from today. The price of Safari starts at Rs 14.69 lakh, making the base variant only Rs 69,500 more expensive than the Harrier. The Tata Safari is an extremely value-for-money product but does it makes sense over the Tata Harrier? Well, for the extra amount you pay, you get a host of additional features. Here is everything that the Safari offers over the Harrier.

Bigger car

The Tata Safari is a bigger vehicle compared to the Harrier. It is about 63mm longer and 80 mm taller than the Harrier. While the wheelbase and the width of the vehicle remain the same, the bigger dimensions of the Safari surely makes it look imposing on the roads. The “step roof” design of the Safari also makes it different looking from the Harrier.


Tata has always priced its product vert smartly and the Safari is no different. The base variant as mentioned above gets a difference of only Rs 69,500. The XZ version of the Tata Safari and the Tata Harrier has a difference of Rs 1.34 lakh, which again is not too much again. The Safari will serve a different segment of customers but even the customers of Harrier may go on to buy the Safari because of the price difference and the longer feature list that it offers.

Additional seats

The Tata Safari offers two or three additional seats based on the variant that you choose. There is a six-seater option and a seven-seater option available with the Safari. However, the Harrier only gets five seats. The extra seats in the Safari are good enough for kids to travel during long distances but they can also accommodate adults on the shorter rides without making them feel uncomfortable.

Boot space

The Harrier offers 425 litres of boot space, which is quite big. The Safari with the third row in upright position does not offer much but with the last row seats folded, there is a space of 447 litres. If you want a Harrier with bigger boot space, then the Safari will definitely fulfil your needs.

Electric parking brake

The Tata Harrier gets a massive aircraft-style handbrake that looks quite good but it is invasive with the space in the central console. The Safari offers an electric parking brake that sits snugly in the central console. It adds space to the central console and also adds a premium touch to the vehicle.


The Tata Harrier does not offer a tyre pressure monitoring system but the Safari does. It is an added safety feature and is quite useful on Indian roads where many accidents happen due to tyre bursts and the driver losing control of the vehicle.

Rear disc brakes

The Tata Safari is a heavier vehicle than the Harrier and that is why Tata has added extra braking power. The Safari gets rear disc brakes too making it a vehicle with four disc brakes. The additional disc brakes reduce the braking distance and definitely adds confidence while driving at high speeds on highways.

Roof rails

The Tata Harrier does not get any roof rails but the Safari offers them and it adds a muscular touch to the vehicle. Apart from the variants that offer a panoramic sunroof, the roof rails in the Safari are functional and one can load up to 70 kg on them. That’s something that the Harrier does not offer.

Comfortable pilot seats in the middle row

The six-seat variant of the Safari offers pilot seats in the middle row. Now that’s something that the Harrier does not offer. With the pilot seats, customers who want a chauffeur-driven vehicle will be quite happy about it. The Safari even offers a “Boss Mode” that allows the rear passenger to adjust the co-driver seat and make more legroom.

Auto-dimming IRVM

The Safari also offers auto-dimming IRVM that are quite useful in Indian conditions where most drivers use high beam regardless of the situation. The auto-dimming IRVM is not present in the Harrier though.