All-new Tata Safari SUV in an off-road review

Tata Motors unveiled their all-new 7-seater SUV safari in the market. They had only unveiled at the beginning of January that they will be naming their upcoming SUV Safari, which was name of their iconic SUV which got discontinued years ago. We even got a chance to experience the all-new SUV and if you want to have a look at our review on the all-new Safari, click here. We already know that the new Tata Safari is entirely different from the older version and is not available with a AWD or 4WD option. Here we have a video that shows how the new Safari performs off the road.

The video has been uploaded by Bunny Punia on his youtube channel. The video is all about how Safari performs at an off-road course. All-new Safari being a 2WD SUV, it was not taken to the extreme sections of the adventure zone. The Safari was taken up a steep section and a quick round of the off-road adventure zone was done to get a hang of the all-new safari. After that was done, the SUV was taken to the tyre catcher obstacle. This is such an obstacle where the vehicle gets stuck if there is not enough low end torque and ground clearance. luckily, the all-new Safari has both and cleared the section without any drama.

Bunny then took Safari to a section to test the approach and break over break over angle of the new SUV. They SUV was driven through a small pit and it managed to come out of it without hitting the bottom or the bumper. Even at good speeds, the bumper and the bottom of the SUV were not hitting which is actually a good thing. Next was the slush part, were the terrain mode was shifted to Wet mode. This is meant to provide better traction and handling in rainy or wet condition but, the after manually turning of the ESP you can actually have a bit of fun with the SUV and the same was seen here in the video.

All-new Tata Safari SUV in an off-road review

After the slush, the Safari was taken to a section which is known as axle twister. This is quite a challenging section as the Safari is a 2WD vehicle. The low end torque came in handy during this section and helped cross the section without much problem. The steep incline and downhill section at the adventure zone meant, the hill descent control can actually be used. Overall, Safari performed pretty well in the video and even though it is a 2WD vehicle, the SUV managed to bring a smile on the face of viewers.

Coming back to Safari, it is based on the 5-seater Harrier and the SUV is powered by the same set of engine. There are some cosmetic changes in the SUV and the weight has also gone up. The SUV is powered by a 2.0 litre Kryotec turbo diesel engine that generates 170 Ps and 350 Nm of peak torque. The engine is available with a 6-speed manual and a 6-speed automatic gearbox option.