All-new Tata Safari revealed officially: Detailed picture gallery

Tata has officially revealed the all-new Safari through pictures and a video. The all-new Safari will make a comeback to the Indian market on 26th January when Tata will launch the car officially. Tata has also announced that it has started the production of the Safari. Here are a few pictures of the all-new Tata Safari and what it looks like on the outside and the inside.

The Tata Safari is the second vehicle based on the OMEGA-Arc platform. The first vehicle is the Tata Harrier. The Safari is longer than the Harrier and also gets a blue colour that is not available with the Harrier.

Tata has added a signature design on the D-Pillar of the Safari that connects to the roof and makes it look unique. Tata has not commented on the specifications but it seems that the Safari gets a good amount of ground clearance.

The rear gets split tail lamps. The lamps are very sleek and start from the side of the vehicle. There is a black applique in the centre connecting both the lamps.

The all-new Safari will also offer a massive panoramic sunroof. Tata introduced panoramic sunroof to the Indian market with the Harrier facelift that was launched last year.

The Tata Safari will offer multi-drive modes that will change the power output according to the terrain and mode.

It will be a seven-seater vehicle just like the older Tata Safari. However, the last row seats will be front-facing in this vehicle.

The massive panoramic sunroof will allow all the passengers in the Tata Safari. The actual size of the roof is not known but it is likely to be similar to the Harrier’s panoramic sunroof.

The all-new Safari will get a manual and an automatic transmission.  It also gets an electric parking brake that is there in this picture and multiple glass holders. The transmission seen here is an automatic one.

The dashboard comes with a massive floating-type infotainment system with climate control vents below that. In the lower dashboard, it gets control of the climate control system. The Safari also gets a new multi-functional steering wheel that will have buttons to control various features in the car. The instrument cluster is similar to the Harrier. It is a semi-digital cluster with a 7.0-inch coloured screen. The dashboard itself gets a dual-tone finish and the lower end gets wood finish.

Tata may not provide leatherette seats with the Safari. As seen in this image, Tata will offer premium quality fabric with the vehicle. The same light-coloured fabric is also used on the door trims. The lighter colour of the upholstery adds a spacious feel to the cabin. We are not sure if all the variants of the Safari will get similar options.

Tata will launch the all-new Safari on 26th January. It is likely to be powered by the 2.0-litre diesel engine that also powers the Harrier. Tata may also offer a petrol engine but that cannot be confirmed at present.

Tata has also announced that the production of the Safari has started. Soon, the vehicles will start reaching the dealerships across India.