All-new Tata Safari rendered as a police car

The Tata Safari Storme has been a part of military and paramilitary fleets in India. Why, Tata Motors even builds a version of the Safari Storme that’s specific to the Indian Army. However, the all-new Tata Safari is a big departure from the Storme, in that it not only features a new design but is also a monocoque car. So, what will the new Safari look like when dressed up in police livery? Here’s a render that shows you just that.

All-new Tata Safari rendered as a police car

Image courtesy Motorbeam

As the render indicates, the all-new Tata Safari looks quite good in police livery, and the SUV will be a good choice for policing duties given the fact that most police vehicles are used only on the road. The tall ground clearance of the all-new Safari will ensure that it does handle broken roads and other obstacles. The rough mode that the new Safari will get on its center console is another feature that will help the SUV handle mild off road conditions.

Now, what exactly is the ‘Rough Mode’?

Rough Mode refers to a specific feature on the all-new Tata Safari, which varies torque between the front wheels based on the traction that each wheel is getting. It’s meant to enable the vehicle extricate itself from slippery conditions, where one of the front wheels loses traction. In such cases, the Rough Mode will channel torque to the wheel that still has traction, and will help the SUV to drive out of the low traction surface. This feature was first seen on the Tata Harrier, and has been quite a useful addition to that SUV.

Notably, the all-new Safari shares its platform and engines with the Harrier. In fact, the new Safari is more of a big brother to the Harrier rather than a vehicle with any kind of connection with the erstwhile Safari Storme. The differences are quite stark. The all-new Safari is built on a monocoque platform with a front wheel drive layout while the Safari Storme used a ladder frame chassis, and was offered with rear wheel drive and four wheel drive layouts.

While the Safari Storme was sold only with a manual gearbox option, the all-new Safari will get 6 speed manual and torque converter automatic gearboxes. The Safari Storme got a single diesel engine displacing 2.2 liters while the all-new Safari will get a smaller, 2 liter Fiat Multijet turbodiesel engine with 170 Bhp-350 Nm. While the all-new Safari will be offered in 6 seat and 7 seat variants, the older Safari Storme got a 7 seat layout as standard with jump seats in the boot.

The all-new Tata Safari will be launched on the 26th of January, 2021, and deliveries will commence soon after. Production of the new SUV has already commenced at Tata Motors’ Pimpri factory, off Pune. The SUV will be pricier than the Harrier by about Rs. 1 lakh, variant to variant, and will be Tata Motors’ new flagship offering.